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05 December 2008



Humph. Look, Beyonce stole Grace Jones' look and all the silly young kids will think it is new.

But, this is pretty interesting, lets see if she can make a tour that doesn't steal from Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, or any other various black femme icons and do her own thing for a change.-QH

S. Flemming

Ugh ...

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

LOL this will be an interesting tour... She is kinda fierce but not at all original... The B-Day video album was a different concept. The album is not really that good.
She does have love for the gay community (She bites our style) I guess that can be a compliment. I wish her well, I just wish she was more original and had more depth


The ball children will go ga-ga for this...2009 will be the year of the B...

..but didn't Whitney have Dolce and Gabanna do here "Your Love is My Love" Tour?


I am already tired of hearing her strangle Etta James' "At Last" and I have yet to see the movie. The tabloids here in NYC have all panned the movie as a bit on the shallow side so what else was left to get this self absorbed B in the spotlight.

After seeing her on Ellen right before Thanksgiving I don't think Jennifer Hudson has much to worry about. Beyonce is all hype. However to all the young finger-poppin queens who come from NJ to prance along the piers here in NYC she is thier god so I will let it be.


...what a coinsidence QH, as I read your comment I am listening to the spanking NEW album, "Hurricane", by the still amazing Grace Jones...please don't walk, but RUN, to give it a few spins...it will HYPNOTIZE you...she's a "Corporate Cannibal" these days, so if you are a fan of her's, (and even if you aren't), do yourself a favor and youtube it for a taste and you'll see what I mean...Oh, and as for Beyonce's originality, or lack there of, we all know EVERYTHING is borrowed, that includes all the namesakes of the ballroom houses, no shade intended, thank-you...I personally don't own any of her music, but even as the pro and con camps seem fever pitched in their positions on her I simply cannot knock the child's grind...may she make the most of it while she still can...I, for one, ain't mad at her...


I like William's Blood. It's a really good cd.


She is not a Mugler woman in my opinion...her look is too bland for Mugler...


Hey, if Thierry Mugler can use Lypsynka as a model then why not this mediocre entertainer? At least Lypsynka has talent.


Her look is not capable to handle Thierry Mugler...point blank...

and the House of Mugler is moreso known for Face...not Body


@ yeahisaidit:

I am a massive Grace fan. I just haven't imported it yet, I'm gearing up for the return of the original B, Miss Brandy Norwood. But "Hurricane" is on my list of to-do's musically before the year is up.-QH


How would anyone here know what a MUGLER woman is? Are any of you Thierry's associates? Thierry, himself? Or are you just typical gay cliches who swear that because you are a gay man, you have somehow been afforded the authority to rightfully decide on anything having to do with fashion? If Thierry says it is a GO, it is a GO. No need to hate on Beyonce's success.


Based on the women he typically dresses.Beyonce just is not it! Maybe the money is right and the publicity is needed...still does not make her a Mugler woman!


WOW! Why so much HATE! The girl is talented and can sing! She knows how to put on a show. I don't understand why people say shes NOT talented. She never claimed to be the best, but to say that she is FLAT OUT TALENTLESS is disingenuous. I'd also like to say that the critics seem to think she did a good job in the latest movie. I saw it and was pleasantly surprised. She deserves some nominations come award season. Notice I said nominations not wins, I don't know how she holds up against Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams, because I have yet to see their performances. Anyway, Congrats to Beyonce on all her success!


Isis thank you for that post. I read it three times and laughed all three times. It seems you are clandestiningly agree with the majority but at the same time giving her the benefit of the doubt.


He did the fashion for George Michael's Too Funky video back in 92 which is fantastic. Beyonce has been photographed recently with one of the most stand out costumes from that video and all the kiddies think its new. Sorry kids, George/Thierry did it first.


brucito, I believe the correct term is "clandestinely," and no I am not secretly going one way or the other. I think Beyonce is talented and thats all. I just don't see why folks can't simply say that Beyonce is not their cup of tea, instead of saying she has no talent. Madonna is not my cup of tea, but I recognize that she is an ICON and very talented.

Sonut Honti

I must say that the posts on this thread do snap fierce. Regarding Beyonce, bless her heart. An adage comes to mind: "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." As someone said a few posts up, hardly anything comes new. Let the house children enjoy their illusion of newness, they aren't hurting anybody and if anything, it tells me that the pioneer children of yore have reaped everlasting influence!


Too funky was fierce ( its on You tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXj2TudPCYU)...there is a fdrag queen in that video that was hawt in NYC back then ( he wears the red cowboy outfit)... what ever became of hir/hem ?? I dont see Bey representing his style at all!


LOL @ the beyonce haters getting mad and bothered . Give it up haters, the blatant hating thing is so old and tired. FYI nothing is original under the sun.At 1 point your favorite artist has borrowed and been inspired by other artist. So you can whine and bicker about it,bottom line Thierry Mugler is going to be working with her so deal with it! Anyways congrats to Beyonce.

Sasha Not So Fierce

I can wait. Thierry Mugler is extremely talented and one of a kind ... but even he does not have that much magic in him to dress up that girl. Lipstick on a pig is still ...

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