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29 January 2009


A. Martinez

Carla is a very competent chef but sometimes becomes overwhelmed. At times she is very calm and at times somewhat scattered. I love her personality and her pastries.

M. Mark

had no idea that you were also a top chef fan, but i do remember that post about collichio and josie.

i think jamie is going to win.

Tommy Ross

I'm a big Top Chef fan.

Hope Carla gets it but I think it;s Stefan's to lose.

Barry S

LOVE CARLA! Whoootie whoo!


I loves me some Carla! But when chile gets excited, I fear for her mental well-being, tho'.

Team Carla!

David Dust

Hootie ... Hoo!!!! Check out my recap to find out when/where/why Carla says that...

CLICK HERE for David Dust's Top Chef recap.



Thanks for the recipe. I sat there in disbelief as she was trying to make gumbo in 20 mins....so I'll try it myself!

S. Flemming

I work with one of her relatives ... she is the ONLY reason I've been watching because I'm no foodie. She's good though; she catered a few of our work events.


I saw the episode and was so glad she finally won! I'm rooting for Carla, but she will have to put her foot in it to beat Stefan.


Otis, I'm with you. I watch Top Chef just to root for Carla. I would love for her to win but I think Stefan will stop at nothing to claim the top prize.

Oh and Rod ... you never cease to amaze me. Is there anything you don't watch or read? :)

Davis S

I'd love to see Carla win.

Hootie hoooooo!!!

Jose S

There are more Top Chef lovers here? Hootie hoooooo!

Go Carla!

But I agree that Stefan and Hosea will be "bears" to beat lol


carla deserved her win...i am so so glad she is getting some props...rod is right she should have won for the challenge at tom's restaurant

i would love to see a sistah win top chef
thanks rod, i love this show too and love this blog, always something new


I love Carla's personality. She is so funny. I loved last night when she was sitting on the sofa "centering herself" and Stephen came in and asked her if she was meditating and she said "yeah, why". I thought is was so funny how she shut him up with her response....As other said, I want her to win, but I think that Jamie will win.


My fav chef reppin my city. I love me some carla.

moon unit

Fabio should've been booted. He's getting by on his accent and charm. Carla won't win the Top Chef contest, but I'm glad she finally won an EC.

Tom C. was jealous of Jeff's good looks and had nothing much good to say about the cute blond guy. Jeff got robbed.


Carla is one of the best, glad she finally had a chance to show everyone how she executes putting her "love" in the food. Im hoping she will make top 3, and two questions 1. Doesn't she remind you of Joan from Girlfriends? And am i the only who misses Trey..he should have won his season

Dee Cella

I think you are the BEST!!!!!!!!
You are genuine,true and real.
I know you are blessed by God... never give up. There are empty people EVERWHERE!!!
You make me smile..

I hope you do as well as those people let you-

MUCH LOVE- Dee (smile)

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