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22 January 2009


Sasha Not So Fierce

Love it, love it, love this young man. Stomp and storm DOMINIQUE!

Eric Trujilio

Dominique is one of my favorite new models. His cheekbones and jawline are to die for.


Dominique is HAWT. He had a killer editorial in Vibe. I hope he will go far. Red seems like they are pushing him, I was hoping they wouldn't ignore him and concentrate on Wendell and Salieu.


I have to admit, if I saw him on the bus here, I'd have a hard time not trying to sneek a glance.


I have to be real...when he first came out i thought he was a beautfiul specimen...but the more i see him in runway shows, I feel like choking him....he hasnt had ONE show where he doesnt look like he's retarded in the face.....or bored. i dont understand these models nowadays...

and personal i think his tests are alot better than the editorials he's done to date, the only good test being what he has done with joseph bleu.


He is incredibly striking very beautiful...I hope he works on giving us more looks so that his career has some longevity


D, I totally disagree with you and find the phrase "retarded in the face" very not cool.

Dominique has very striking features and apparently the bookers at Red and the casting producers at Versace disagree. I will admit that I'm not a fan of the bored expressionless runway look but that is often what the designers are looking for. But most of the models (male and female) have the same look.

just my two cents


Wow what a cutie, LOVES me some dark-skinned men! OMG.

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