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29 January 2009



O lord, Eddie Diaz has got me drooooooooling at my desk :-)


yes yers yes yes yes

a thousand times

Ralph Davis

I have never heard of this man. I am strangely transfixed by his eyes and that tattoo.

I Aim to Please

Yea, I'd hit that

Earl FF

The body is very nice and the smile is perfect. I have seen him in the Pride Parade and he is all that. Wow.

A. Martinez

i am a big fan of eddie diaz.

he is fabulous and has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.




The hot and versatile Mr Diaz is the perfect antidote for those who said they were tired of Diesel Washington in one of your previous posts. Glorious man....


I'll co-sign what Reggie said. I'll take Eddie any day over DW.


Oh....I LOVE him...


I have 3 of the online movies w/ Eddie Diaz and I have to say that he is exceptionally haaawwwtttt!!!!!

Interesting comment re: Diesel Washington...from what I recall, the issue was that DW didn't really perform w/ men of color or something to that effect...well...neither does Eddie Diaz---of the 5 videos that he does on Randy Blue's website, none of them are with men of color except one which appears to have a Latino co-star...just curious what folks would say to that...that's all...I previously read the comments re DW and I personally don't have any issue w/ DW or ED or any other porn star doing whoever they want or are paid to do in a movie...however, I do have the choice to buy/rent the DVD or purchase online.

Greg G

No, the problem many of us had with Diesel Washington was the extreme bondage scene where he was humiliated and treated like a slave (he boasts about it on his blog) and his Manhunt and Gay.com profiles where he says "No blacks".

Oh and the fact that he complains when white gay porn stars don't want to work with him.

I don't have a problem with Eddie Diaz and he can film as many interracial scenes as he wants. He is very hot. But when he willingly plays "slave" and caters to stereotypes on screen and then complains off screen, then I will remark.

Until then he is gorgeous and I am happy to see him do whatever he wants.


the issue at least for me wasn't DW in an inter-racial scene or not appearing with other black men in porn. That could just be a casting decision or his own choice. The problem I had with Diesel Washington was his constantly CHOOSING to live up to stereotypes ... the basketball scene, the bondage, his escort work, his blog, all the ebonics ... etc etc etc.


And why do people keep saying "As long as they are paid" or "They are making money doing that" like its something to boast about or is equivalent to an MBA??

I am not putting pr0n stars down. I watch pr0n so I can't act like I am above it. But I went to school and got a career so I wouldn't HAVE to sell my azz or dyck or rob or steal. Please. They're hoes. And please don't forget Diesel Washington and many porn stars BOAST that they make much more from ESCORTING and do pr0n to advertise.


....The hot and versatile Mr Diaz is the perfect antidote for those who said they were tired of Diesel Washington in one of your previous posts....

Thank you and I hope that is why Rod posted him. Bravo Reggie!

More Eddie Diaz please! Please ....


Actually Eddie Diaz has done a scene with another black porn actor(Tyler Johnson).Tyler Johnson might be light skinned but he's black and not Latino.


I love Eddie Diaz. He is a Hottie I have a scene where is flip flops with a light skin or Hispanic guy and it is on fire.....I also love his piercing.....lol

Lang B.

Very hot for a Porn Star. Laughing at DUFFY's comment "They're hoes" so true.
Imo- the fact that he does porn for me kinda salts up his sweetness.


Eddie Diaz is fiyah. And I am going to have to agree with Ed and Butterpecan, that scene at Randy Blue (thanks Rod!) is the epitome of hotness. But I have seen the scene with Eddie and Leo Giamani where he bottoms and that doesn't bother me there are bottoms and tops, white and black and porn is just fantasy anyways. Now if and when Eddie gets like KAMRUN and almost exclusively bottoms for white men on camera and makes it known (like Diesel Washington) he prefers white men off camera, okay. I don't have to buy your videos and I can express an opinion about your work or comments.

Dayumn this Eddie Diaz is hawt.


I look forward to the day when Eddie Diaz and other black "models" are ON the cover of DNA and other gay white rags, and not just IN the pages!


Is Eddie Diaz latino also? Just curious because of the name or its just his porn name?

People seem to forget there are latinos who are black just like there are latinos who are white

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