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29 January 2009



This is going to be a long 4 years for Obama and a nonpartisan relationship with them, the GOP had no problem spending the country into the ground for "future generations," and now all of a sudden they are concerned? They are now listening to right wing radio and television pundits, and, as most are in safe seats, they know they can obstruct everything Obama wants to do, and, still keep their seats. It is best that they are becoming a regional, irrelevant party, with voters, especially those in poor Southern states who are voting against their own interests when they vote Republican. But, then again my representative is republican and he is always against anything that the democrats offer up and has never had an opponent get more than 30% of the vote in elections, ugh.

alicia banks

i despise most republicans
it pains me to say this:

the rejection was correct

see the details of bo's "plan" etc at:

heaven help us all


That is what kills me about this, the Republicans spent money like water for most of this decade, with no mind of the costs. Costs that have caused the collapse of our economy currently.

Now, Obama wants to spend where the money could really make a difference, and it's a problem? Man whatever, I'm glad the bill passed, time for change indeed.-QH

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