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09 January 2009


Strong Island

Sorry, not convinced Usain Bolt and the Jamaicans were not using roids.

Lincoln Mall

I'd have to agree. I wasn't a huge fan of the Jamaican team but there is no denying Usain Bolt is outstanding.

But he is nowhere near as hot as Michael Tratter and phine phine Asafa Powell.

Barry S

I'm just glad Michael Phelps didn't get the title. This country has become obsessed around that closet ghey.

heather m

Barry S- boo, hiss.

But what i really wanted to say was that while Usain Bolt was amazing to watch and impressive almost beyond belief, his showboating was a little much. Ego is not actually a very attractive thing, especially in the Olympics.

Barry S

Heather, what are you booing and hissing at?

You wanted Miss Phelps to get the best athlete title? Or are you also in denial that the very "single" athlete who is "too busy" for girlfriends is closeted?

Ralph Davis

I'm going to agree with Heather.

Usain Bolt is an incredible athlete but he does get carried away sometimes. The little dance I don't mind but the gang signs or whatever that is he throws up ... grow up already.

Jason O

I was sad and disappointed the American team performed so....well, poorly i guess you can say. But Usain Bolt and the Jamaicans dominated and he is a phenomenal runner and athlete.


sour grapes ....Usain Bolt was clearly the athlete of the year. events were not rearranged so that he could attempt his 3 gld medals and his three records. Phelps was helped tremendously by arrangments allowing him to rest between races.

Usain was the best and i find his celebrations endearing


No but Usain Bolt and the island boys were "helped tremendously" by certain products, nahmean?


what products ... curry goat, stew peas, ackee and saltfish, yam???


It wasn't gang signs...

Good choice!


@ nahtans

Ha! Ha!


Probably more like ... curry goat and jerk chicken stewed with testosterone or spiced with anabolics.

You know, those recipes really "help tremendously."


Bolt is the best; he's the best...and he's gorgoeus

Miss Thang

Yall girls (and everyone else) knew Usain Bolt was on drugs. They boy ran 10.03 in June 07 and 9.6s in the Summer of 08. Cant be done without drugs.

Another Jamaican,400 Meter Hurdles Gold winner Melaine Walker was just an average 400 Hurdler in 2007. She ran like crazy in 2008.

No one ever heard of 100 meter winner Shelly-Ann Frazier (Jamaica) in 2007. She ran 10.78 to win in 2008.

Yall know something is wrong.


Stop hating. Is it hard to believe that an athlete can be naturally talented without taking steroids. (Guess previous American athletes got you twisted!)

Congratulations Usain. Keep doing your thing! Keep having FUN!!!

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