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21 January 2009



This is going a bit off subject but I want to thank the media for sparing us the faces and comments of Alan Keyes, Ward Connerly, Armstrong Williams, and last but not least Uncle Clarence Thomas.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I was hoping to see someone kick Bush dead center so the entire world could see that there are plenty of americans who feel the same way about him as did that lone Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes.

But alas, I, just as the rest of america, had to settle for seeing the frustration and embarrassment in his face as he boarded the helicopter that took him out of Washington DC. That and the shoe incident was the only time I ever clapped for anything involving Bush.

Mel Smith

Rod, that was a good look; thanks.


I liked the Wu Dress, however Toledo i didn't like as much....looked like something you'd wear to church or something.

and the hair...LOL

but great post...and i do too like how she is highlighting young designers on the come-up


Hey D she actually did attend Prayer Service before heading over to the event. I think it was a safe choice to wear and giving the two designers a great dig. Kudos to Michelle! Hey Rod glad u r back!


I think that thus far Mrs. Obama's choices in apparal have been frightful.

Her Inauguration Day dress while lovely, was a horrible color, as were the gloves.

The ball gown looked as if it was made of toilet paper and cotton balls. It wasn't the least bit elegant.

Finally, the dress she wore to the prayer service was too much of a frock. Michelle looked like a black Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." She ought to have been in a suit.

Michelle may be young, but she ain't THAT young. And the White House is no place to try out urban chic. This woman is in the world spotlight. European designers and fashionistas are laughing their asses off at the tacky Americans.

I love fashion. I want to love Michelle's clothes. But so far she is a huge let down.

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