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27 January 2009


Samuel I

Wonderful! Yet another example of the Obama White House will be different from the Bush White House!

Quniton M

It's time for a "change" in more ways than one.


I have been a fan of Susan since her work in the Clinton Admin. dealing with some African issues. This just makes me like her more. She is a great pick for the UN post, and I hope that in the second Obama term sh will have the chance to serve at Sec. of State.


I am so heartened to read this. I hope Ambassador Rice, the Obama administration and White House will succeed. Especially in Africa where the governments are jailing and killing gays and lesbians.

By the way, I am new here, my name is Mahmoud, an Anglo African in London, my family is from Uganda. I just discovered this blog and enjoy it immenseley.

Peace my brothers,

the Gay Numbers

I am so happy to see this. Thanks.


Can't you feel a brand new day?

Mel Smith

This is really excellent news to read. Our govt. impact will help persecuted people worldwide.

Andy Niable

Excellent development. Thanks again, Rod, for providing us with news like this that seems to get ignored by so many MSM and online services.

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