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19 January 2009


Chris Cruz

I'll withhold judgment and see the movie. I always find Nick a little too goofy (check the facial expressions) and more appropriate for Nickleodeon and BET.

But he was damn good in Bobby. And I have to admit he is hella fine.


I won't even front. Sexy in a young, fun and silly way. Yeah I'd hit that.


Nick is a cutey but I've yet to be impressed with his "acting."

And speaking of that, why no quotes around "actor" as you sometimes have Rod? lol


yeah ... much better actor now but still too silly.

sexy tho and nice lil bubble.


yeah, Nick has been working hard on those guns alright…and his abs dayumn

Danny Rivera

Whatever.I have yet to see Nick Cannon ACT. Maybe he should focus as much on his ACTING as he does on WORKING OUT.


I did like his show on MTV "Wild n Out"

I'd fuk him.

I don't beleive that him and Mariah are together. FAKE!

I rather see her with Da Brat. At least I know Mariah is protective if a fight breaks out. LOL!


Wow! Those are amazing abs. He must work out all the time and eat extrememly well, or maybe he is just genetically blessed.

taylor Siluwe

I love his acting. I thought he was great in Drumline. That cop movie, whatever it was, doesn't even rate consideration. I think all celebs make a few dumb movies they regret.

Now it seems he's getting real roles. Good for him. I just hope he throws his die-hard stalker type fans (like me) a bone by doing an NC-17 rated nude scene.

Ahhh... that would make my year.


No one seems to remember Nick's days on Nickelodeon doing drag - yes DRAG - on a show I think was called "All That."
I think he had Viacom erase all those old tapes. lol. Not good for his street cred.
btw He was a pretty tranny.
If you like that sort of thing.


Interesting....maybe he's getting more serious (like Will Smith) since he's becoming a dad????? LOL


Very fine. Very sexy. Very silly.

Wallace Weeks

Thats good to see him doing other stuff. finally!

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