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08 January 2009



I think Bloggie's revenge was to pick an excellent Senator and to watch the Democrats rip that choice to shreds, making the party he feels abandoned him look like crap.

alicia banks

u rock rod!

very cool of rb

now let's hope he will tell bo to axe/apologize for his new pal warren



This is a great story thanks for the heads up. If Roland Burris is confirmed I am looking forward to him.

Oh and Alicia Banks I am a great fan of your writing! You rock and so does Rod!


This is so fabulous.
It is great that he acknowledged the seemingly invisible black LGBT community.


I think the IL Gov decided to put people between a rock and a hard place. I really want to support this guy, and hopefully everything will work out and he (or someone who is close to him in terms of politics) takes that seat. As of now, I think this is still poison, not impossible, but it makes Senate Dems look like fools to one time say "We won't seat him" and for Obama to say "Don't complain because they told you they will not seat you." to now saying "Well, we will probably seat you" because Obama says "We should probably seat him"

It looks like, sounds like, and feels like a flip-flop. At first, anything coming from the Gov was viewed as fruit of a poisonous tree. Now that he made a decent pick, all is forgiven (and, hey, it's not technicaly illegal). That is not principled, but it is politically expedient-- we had 16 years of this and I would hope we could do better. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.


Has anyone noticed how quiet the Republicans are?

The Democrats have effed this up bigtime. Blago is obviously tainted and they took a principled decision. If Burris joins the senate ... and he seems like a principled man ... it opens the Dems to massive fingerpointing by the Republicans.

But I agree, I am so heartened to hear and see this from Burris about black LGBTs.

Oh and Rod ... I am new here from Montreal Canada. I adore this blog.


It's almost bittersweet, still Burris should wait until the drama is over

alicai banks



you are my inspiration...


the Gay Numbers

Well- there seems now be a political way out of this. good for Burris and good for us.


I just hope Burris didn't ruin his chances of being seated as a result of testimony yesterday that seemed to contradict previous claims that he'd not previously lobbied to get the Senate appointment. Nice to read of his LBGT support but almost every time I hear him say something on TV, I just fear he may not be the "sharpest knife in the drawer."

the Gay Numbers

I will take a dull knife of a liberal over a brilliant triangulating Democrat. Some times smarts is not everything.

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