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27 January 2009



yes, yes, YES!

Eric Trujilio

The best buns, the best arms, the best quads, the best pecs, the hottest face ....

Man, Larry Fitzgerald will have the best everything!


That is a me MAN. Whew.

If you look at his father the sportswriter Larry Fitzgerald Sr. it is very obvious they are father and son. So handsome.


Oh and oversized pictures too

Thank you, I need to download these to my iPhone and go on break, lol


Larry Fitzgerald is truely a fine specimen of masculinity. Have ever seen him talking? Yesterday he gave an outstanding press conference and the man is so poised and well spoke. Too bad more atheletes are not like him.

And absolutely yessir, the best buns in the Super Bowl!

Strong Island

Yeah, I'd hit that


Co-signin Strong Island.


I'll be third one to say the same thang. Dayumn.
(biting lip)


Nice. But Antrelle Rolle, also of Arizona, has THE BEST.


You think he's got back, take a look at this:


Earl FF

Ed Hartwell been discussed on this blog. The same YouTube, the same episode with the Speedos. Trust me, we have seen it lol

Quniton M

survey says hell yea. you know his teammates are looking at him when he is changing. that body and face is just ridiculous.


One thing about Larry is that when he was at Pitt (and racking up crazy numbers) he was the most respectful receiver in college football. So it seems there is a good man behind the good...exterior...

Now, Larry has it going on, but there is *serious* (see-ree-us!) competition out there for best baxkside in the NFL...I say we get a list of 100 or so candidates and do a tryout "American Idol" style...I would surely be in Hollywood for that!!


Larry Fitzgerald has my vote

Derrick from Philly

Plaxico had some unusual but delightfully shaped buns...but he around any more--so I'll vote for Mr Fitzgerald.

I bet the Steeler's coach has a masculinely powerful set too.


Um, I am so totally in support of Booty Idol.

For realz.


Gee, Rod, talk about Obvious Questions...the answer's right there staring you in the face (LOL!)
The best part of the Cardinals / Eagles game for me was watching Larry Fitzgerald run down the field...

Face and Waist

Is everyone who reads this blog a top?

Now I have found where all y'all hang out lol!

I thought I was a fierce but I admit I can't compete with these muscle queen athletes Rod, don't forgot the queens, we need a lil attention too. Well actually not a "little" attention, ha

Topanga Canyon

Very nice indeed


I DEMAND you give Anquan Boldin equal time.

If you are truly an investigative journalist, Rod, you'll research Boldin's backside and allow the readers to compare.

The District Mother

I'm sure Rod will be showcasing the assets of other players, no need to make "demands", daddy

I'm more than happy voting for Larry, Antrel or Anquan. Each of those men is the definition of "slab of beef."


Larry has the best ass period. I have been a fan since his Pitt days and he has just gotten better and better. Go Arizona...... but besides all that the man can catch a football liek no one else!!!!


yeah I figured others would have noticed. his body is ridiculous


Dang he got a a phattie. Never heard of him before, not an avid sports person. I hope he has a strong black woman by his side, but i'm sure he has a Kim K. type as all these athelets seem to have. SMDH!!

Andy Niable

If they awarded such things, along with MVP, I might actually watch the damned thing.

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