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27 February 2009



It would be so nice to hear they and the animals who chased Michael Sandy to his death on the Belt Parkway (only to drag him back onto the median to rifle through his pockets) are all brutally raped.

I hope they all suffer through a soul train line style rape by the most muscle bound drag queens behind bars doing life with no fear of retaliation.

Mel Smith

This story clearly shows us that homophobia has over taken racism as the worst form of prejudice today. I used to associate racists people with attacking folks with baseball bats. After suffering from lynchings in the south, being spit on by racists, and suffering firebombs by racists, this is what some black people do to others that are different than them? This is how they respect Dr. King and others? See, also this serves as an example that the there is only one race; the human race.


I co-sign with Gurlene. They gone def. be introduced to Homophobia in the worst way. I hope they get a baseball bat shoved up both their rectums!! A darn shame what gays have to put up with just trying to life live!


My sentiments exactly Mel.

Nathan James

Let them receive a measure of mercy from the jury, equal to that which they have dispensed to Jose Sucuzhanay.


I'm relieved that the guy was arrested, but I'm frustrated that it took the NYPD so long. They need to start taking heterosexist and racist hate crimes like this more seriously.


I'm glad they were caught. I trust they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

daniel anthony

So both the attackers were Blacks, Reverend Jakes and and his ilk are probably going to make saints out of them, as far as they are concerned the murderers' only error was in their target selection.

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