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28 February 2009




It's a mostly gay list but Tyson Beckford definitely SHOULd have been the number one.

Face and Waist

i'm a big tom ford fan and agree that he is probably the best dressed gay man

the worse dressed list is lol


I'm surprised Mr. Andre Leon Talley is not on this list...


--->"I'm surprised Mr. Andre Leon Talley is not on this list..."

I agree. Talley should be number one with a bullet on the worst dressed list!

Shane Moseley

Rod... Nice list.
Very cool you were asked.

Timothy B

I don't like either list. It would have been nice to see more black gay men on the best dressed list ... Perhaps Mr. Patrik Ian Polk and certainly Darryl Stephens? Darryl and his character "Noah" became style icons for the black gay men.

Maybe Jay Alexander too. His fashion may sometimes be out there but he is a diva and the kids love him.



That's insane. On what planet?
If they were such style icons maybe ... umm ... they should have been asked?????

Y'all are crazy, lol @ Patrik Polk as best dressed.

Eddie B

jay alexander is a hot mess. a fugly hot mess. ditto for andre leon talley.

just because they know how a woman should walk on a runway or what is in "style" does not mean their style is great. i think they both look a mess. so do most of those damn fashion queens on rod's worst dressed.

and darling, by definition a "diva" is never a man. that is the problem with some of these kids, they throw words around (diva, fashion, style) and have no idea what they mean.


@ Timothy

Deal with it. The list is fine. It's just ONE person's list. Everything here or about Rod does not supposed to be a consensus of what black gay men believe or think. Actually to be honest this list and Rod's work at Advocate, After Elton and Out doesn't even come across as "the black gay opinion" imho its just good writing and good opinion. That's why they like him.

But when Logo asks you for your list of best and worst dressed men, you should make sure you include Patrik and Darryl.


lmao @ worst dressed List
that robert verdi is just too many things...and none of them are nice

D. Askew

Tom Ford is an icon. Talley has done some good things but not even sure how you can put the two in the same sentence.

And Talley has his nose so far up Anna Wintour's butt its pathetic.

But I agree, Talley could have been a candidate for worse dressed.

Strong Island

jay manuel is a lil hottie

Zavi Flowers

this is so cool. i love love AE's BGWE.

the interview with jack mackenroth and ronnie from 'supermodel' is tres cool


No offense Timothy B but are you a paid publicist for Noah's Arc? You only comment on or about Noah's Arc? I'm just sayin'...

Timothy B

NO! I just happen to be a fan of the show.

there are many things that interest me here, maybe I do just speak up on "Noah's Arc" but I loved the show.

obviously Rod made his dislike well known of Noah's fashion choices but many young black gay men enjoy the character and consider him very stylish.

jay alexander should obviously have been on the best dressed list. and i repeat darryl stephens and patrik ian polk should be on the list too.

i guess all the gym and circuit boys worship D&G and Tom Ford.

"Noah" is a fictional character. Even if he were real, he wouldn't make my list. Stop trying to make every post about "Noah's Arc". And don't get try to get cute with me on my blog. "Timothy" -RM


Timothy makes no sense.

So you're saying...the character of "Noah" would qualify for your best dressed list? Because Noah is not a real person and Darryl Stephens clearly doesn't dress like him off the show. At least not all the time.

But once again it's not "your" list of best dressed. It was Rod's. Anyone can have a list of sexiest men, best dressed etc.

I can't believe I even have explain the difference between a character and the actor who plays him ...


i like some of the choices, i would have added shemar moore but i guess you just wanted only one or two straight boys on the best dressed list


LOL..Pretty much every time "Noah" stepped on screen my friends and I would invariably say, "What the hell does he have on?" (Although there was that one pair of boots that he wore in the opening scene of the movie that I really liked, but I'm pretty sure they were women's boots.) I own both seasons and the movie so I'll say what I want. ...sticking out tongue...

Tyson is simply the best. Undressed or dressed!

Chris Cruz

" i would have added shemar moore but i guess you just wanted only one or two straight boys on the best dressed list"

Shemar Moore STRAIGHT?

lol thats real funny


Congrats on being asked to do the list Rod. The A gays LOVE you! :0

Danny Rivera

There were no straight men on that list, lol...
I'm sure long ago Tyson Beckford and Jonathan Rhys Meyers learned how to deal with the many gay casting agents and directors

Danny Rivera

oh yea and good deal on after elton. i love the best gay week column, it's the best part of the site imho


"i guess all the gym and circuit boys worship D&G and Tom Ford."

Unm, yea, D&G designs clothes for men with broad shoulders and a tapered waist. That's why they're such a hit with the gym boys. Oh and of course the designs are incredible.

I don't think Tom Ford designs for men, tho, he's just very talented and very well dressed himself. Somewhat of a poseur but you have to be in that industry.


steven cojocaru is frightful. he should top anyone's list of worse dressed queens. and why is that the so called stylists are always a hot mess?


Lawd have mercy...
That picture of Tyson Beckford is phenomenal. Where is that from? I've never seen it before, he is carrying it!

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