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28 February 2009


M. Mark

another example of a brutal regime in africa that allows a privileged few to loot the treasury. millions here are dying and starving. shame.

Mel Smith

Mugabe receive support from people in this nation. Black people in the U.S. need to call for Mugabe's resignation.

Nathan James

The Obama Administration should be calling for huge sanctions against Mugabe in the UN. Why the starving millions in Zimbabwe haven't overthrown this monster yet, is beyond me.

M. Mark

This man is a disgrace. I truly hope the Obama administration can shame and force him into retirement

calvin musabayana

you are a foolish idiot whats wrong in throwing a birthday party and after all the money was raised by his supporters

Note: This comment comes from the Sudan where another dictator throws elaborate parties while millions of citizens starve and/or are killed in the Darfur conflict. Birds of a feather ....-RM


The only chance for opposition to Mugabe died when the peace accord was signed with Rhodesia under Ian Smith.

The next thing Mugabe did (he was already engineering it before the war was over) was get rid of Joshua Nkomo, a very weak guerilla fighter who could not hold up politically after the war was over.

And lets face it folks, Idi Amin, nearly every ruler of Nigeria, Rwanda and Mali since independence, along with Mobutu, Kabila and the Duvaliers of Haiti, have proved to be nothing but embarrassments that did not get the public humiliation they are long over due for in the black american community. I think their attrocities were given the kid glove treatment by the black press here in america.

There is a difference between a president serving the people and what amounts to nothing else but a self serving ass and his cronies.

Wil Lavender

I hope that when he dies, heaven is filled with gays!!!

Georgia Peach


I guess even they have gays and homosexuals trying to read blogs for the real news.

Don't you dare try to defend Mugabe who has killed millions...he is a terrorist of the worse kind!


This is the kind of blogging that makes Rod2.0 stand out, and always worth coming to. Glad to see the comments dialogue here too. Always good to come to Rod's because he gives us serious journalism along with the lifestyle pics, commonality and news we need to make it through the chaos.

Aww shuck. Thanks, Jarid. -RM

Honut SInti

It appears that in every society there are those who kill, maime and enslave their own people. Evil runs everywhere. And to think, he turns 85 after snatching life years from thousands. That thing (not good enough to be called a man) should rot in hell.

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