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06 February 2009



cuba gooding pings hard. he always has. gay gay gay

M. Mark

Cuba acts kinda gayish. I think he is straight tho and just gets a kick of out being flirty.


Cuba Gooding more than pings in those tight jeans and always showing his bubble. But hey, maybe we are wrong, lol


He always struck me as homophobic. But who knows for sure.

Earl FF

Homophobic? In what way?

Cuba Gooding always struck me as closeted. The dumpy white wife seems classic avoidance.

Byron Monte

"the dumpy white wife"...damn, what a sour grape you are dude.

Earl FF

I'm not sour at all, sweety.

I'm simply noting (imho) sometimes closeted black men choose white women, especially unattractive ones, thinking their problems is with black women. And also the frumpy girlfriend/wife will not challenge the handsome boyfriend/husband. It's called avoidance.

Surely you've seen this before...dude.

Kevin Perez

Nope. Never thought about it.

Topanga Canyon

of course cuba gooding is with a woman and if he were to hook up with a man (which i believe he does) it will be a white man. he knows we are better for him and can keep be more discreet.



Byron Monte

wow...what a bunch of lunies on this blog (earl ff, topanga canyon)..you all got too much time on your hands to cook up these theories man! lol


What is sad is the fact that this movie is about a very brilliant black doctor and will not get as much publicity as it deserves.

This guy, Dr. Benjamin Carson, is well worth googling to see just how interesting his life is. It is one of those type of movies that would do well on HBO or The National Geographic Channel.

Sad indeed.


not sure if this it's ok to post URLs but you can read whatever you want into this picture....



I've always been enamored of Cuba Gooding, Jr. He's very attractive (what a hot butt!). He looked terrific on the View. He seems a likable enough guy. His references to his children seemed very genuine. What's not to like.


Rod, thanks for mentioning the movie-Dr. Carson is in town tonite. I've had the pleasure of meeting both he and his mother on a few occasions. He is an amazingly humble man. And i shook those gifted hands too lol! The book gifted hands is outstanding as-well. Detroit needs as much good press as possible nowadays.


I don't read anything into that picture from your URL actually. It looks like two guys posing for a picture. Just looks like an actor friend. Looks more like they were hugging each other hello and was turning around for a picture, and was still coming out of the embrace.


I agree with Diva1961 I;ve always felt the homophobic ping. Not sure why but I have.


What a great movie!!! I just finished watching Gifted Hands, can I purchase the movie? I sponsor a 13 year old girl in Africa, and I am always sending her uplifting movies. (yes she can watch dvds there!). I want her to know that ANYTHING she wants to be in this life, she can accomplish if she just puts her mind to it! This would be a great movie to send to her!


Saw the movie last night, and am watching it again right now.

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