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26 February 2009


Strong Island

i'll celebrate when marijuana laws are relaxed across the whole country. this is a start.


i read that about half of the medical mj clubs in san francisco were shut down during the bush years. thankfully that will stop


Each day, the Administration gives me a reason to say "thank goodness."


This is additional good news along with Obama picking the Seattle Police Chief as Drug Czar, someone who also makes sure that marijuana arrests are the lowest priority for the police to handle. We have HempFest every year in Seattle and the cops basically go there to make sure that no one's disturbing the peace while everyone's toking up in front of them. It's kind of a funny thing to see. I wonder how many cops get a contact high at 4:20 that day.


Honestly, I don't get what's so bad about marijuana that demands drug raids and strict enforcement by the DEA. Sounds like a waste of tax payer money to me.

Would it not be a tool for economic recovery to legalize marijuana, gaining additional revenue from taxing (as much or more than we tax cigarettes), saving money from drug enforcement, allowing regulation, stimulate economy in trade and setting up official distribution channels with our neighbors south of the border.

All of these advantages... but I guess it would just make too much sense for our government to partake.

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