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23 February 2009



way to go bobby!
you are demonstrating republicans will admire cruel, heartless gestures such as denying unemployment benefits to the needy


As they use to say in the old days, this cat is a mess. But, I blame the voters and those who are eligible to vote and don't in Louisiana for letting this right wing Republican into office and the voters of every state that will turn down money to help the economy. The voters of these states who keep voting in Republicans who aren't in their best financial interests, but so called social ones don't deserve a penny.

If the "conservatives" of the party told him to run down Pennsylvania Avenue with a confederate flag he would do it, he has not one shred of decency.

And since he has the personality of a hang nail, let him give the GOP non-response tomorrow, they will be clammoring for that other one without a clue, Palin.

Danny Rivera

Jindal is clearly an opportunist...the fact that he is willing to let his citizens suffer while grandstanding for the GOP shows his true colors. Jindal and Steele are such self haters they will do almost anything to show they are more conservative than whites.

And Luther is right, If the people in these states do not get upset, if they are not mad in Louisiana, you can't get mad for them,,


Well, the good people of LA will soon have the opportunity to make sure that Jindal draws unemployment himself. I think that these Southern govs (including those from MS and SC) are only making the point that Republicans simply do not care about people in the least.

Something tells me that is this was corporate welfare that they would have no problem taking the money. The conservative movement has run out of gas.

Derrick from Philly

The governors of Mississippi, South Carolina & Louisiana making a stand against President Obama. Something very ugly is going on here, and it aint just Republican vs Democrat. Do we need to call in Ulysses S. Grant again?


I think that these governors need to be very careful because they are indeed starting to look a) that it's about them and not the people of their state, and, b) somewhat racist.

People of color in all those states are going to be the ones who are not getting their unemployment checks because of this. States are running out of money for unemployment which is why the president created this in the first place.

I like that the governnor of Florida, who was on Meet The Press, was talking about being open to monies for his state. He was really all about the people and the forclosures in his state, and the need for aid. He continued to say that it was about the people of his state, and kept trying to stop short of saying the other governors were about themselves. He kept saying "in regards to my state" or something like that. It was good to hear and see that. Even if he doesn't like Obama he knows how to play the game to win for his state even if his party doesn't like what he's doing. He kept syaing "The people of my state come first", or something to that effect. It was a good segment.


We all "know" that only black people are unemployed, so why would any of these governors have the slightest interest in extending unemployment insurance for their states?

There has never been any reason for any of these states to provide education or health care for their black residents, so why would they provide unemployment insurance?

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