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05 February 2009



ugh the movie seems awful. i will save my ten dollars

M. Mark

You know we are not even checking for this movie. I'm sick of all these comedies that feature gays who exist solely to give advice on shopping, hair and men.

Oh and one black character? Please, black gay men (unless they are snow queens) will hardly be in the audience. But Queerty is hardly one to talk.

Alan T

Sounds vapid and boring, but what do the white gays care? They usually love to offer advice to Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker.


God bless Queerty for pointing out there is one black character. It's not like there blog does much better, lol


Interesting article but horribly written. Oh and no black characters? I'll pass on the movie.

Ralph Davis

How in the heck do you "Myspace" someone? Exactly what is that? This movie sounds like bs. Thanks for bringing up lack of black speaking roles...another reason not to see this garbage.

Justin Long is cute but he can't act worth *ish and I can catch the dvd.


Zzzzz. I'm almost glad they didn't have any blacks in this awful film. But where are the go-to black gay actors (hint hint!) when you need them?

Baltimore Femme

NO BLACK CHARACTERS in a movie set in BALTIMORE?????

That doesn't even compute. Chile, please. These queens need to get over themselves. I'm trying to see where they managed to find a gay Asian and a gay latino, very few of those in this city unless they are students at Johns Hopkins.

But I have to agree with ALAN T. Sex in the City basically had one gay after another giving the girls advice, except gay men liked to pretend they actually were Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte. Did anyone pretend they were Miranda?


i'm just not into this movie


Interesting that it's set in Baltimore and one black folk is present

Shane Moseley

Why do these white producers keep getting away with this? They always make movies and tv shows set in urban areas (NYC, Detroit, Philly and now Baltimore) that never have any black characters. It's really become outrageous. I for one won't be spending my money on this so called movie and encourage other black gay men to do the same. But I am sure all the black gay men who 'don't see color' and 'love them some Justin Long' will be all up in there. Count me out.

Chris Cruz

I love Wilson Cruz to pieces and know he has rent to pay but ... with the exception of Noah's Arc isn't he almost always the only gay of color in all his films? Surely he sees this as problematic in this film.

D. Askew

WHat a dreadful sounding movie.

Marvin M

Only ONE black character with speaking lines?

So another MILK?

Greg G

What are these white gays upset about? That they were such string supporters of that tired azz 'Sex and the City' and they still haven't graduated beyond Sanford and Mario Cantone? That's life, boys, suck it up. THEY'RE JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.


In today's movie and t.v. roles, the gay man is currently relegated to the role of non-threatening funny sidekick, for public consumption. America is not ready to accept much more, period. We need to keep pushing for more.

Paul R

Dear Queerty ...

So very happy to hear your blog is worried about black representation in movies. Perhaps now there will be some black faces on your site? But we're not holding our breath.

PS. And please when "borrowing" stories from Rod 2.0 and other black gay sites, would you ever link or credit?


Quniton M

lmao @ paul

you and mark really, really hit it home with that one

Kevin Perez

Is this an issue about the lack of represenation of AA gay men, lesbian women and transsexuals or the way LGBT are generally viewed in the Media.

I'm not feeling the whole ''White Gay'' tirade either. The blog mentioned does make a valid point of how LGBT are generally viewed in the media as sidekicks and the butt-in of jokes, as Rod has mentioned countless times.

Kevin Perez

Never mind my previous post. I guess I should just refrain from commenting when it comes to issues like this...

Kevin Perez

But I admit, if had money, I would see it to drool over Wilson Cruz, he's a sexy Rican.


Wilson Cruz is so Fine! I would bend him over and plow him until his next movie role not as a gay person which means I'll have him under my "power" forever!!!

Are you listening Cruz?

I'm in LA too.


vapid, boring and predictable gay characters. another instance of refusing to present multi dimensional gay characters to the mainstream.

i am surprised the queerty queens are upset. you would think they would be ecstatic to share the screen with drew and kevin connelley. truth be told the gays in these movies normally offer more than fashion or relationship advice. i'm just sayin'

Tommy Ross

Queerty is an annoying blog for mostly annoying wannabe A-listers. But I will say they are on the money with this one. The gay characters are from central casting.

The lack of black characters doesn't bother me. They werent marketing this movie to us anyways.


I knew I wasn't going to see this when I saw that needy, pitiful behind Jennifer Aniston was in it. YUCK!

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