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10 February 2009


Jason O

I've always gotten a diva and gayish vibe from Rodriguez.


Hooking up with strippers only makes the rumors seem more true. And the Madonna fling? C'mon man, how ghey can you get?

M. Mark

i have never heard any of the gay rumors around a-rod. this would make the story more interesting but i9 cannot say if they are true are not. frankly never crossed my mind. but that would explain the juicing and the constant running after strippers, sounds like he is hiding something,

Shane Moseley

This book should be VERY interesting.

Rodriguez is complicated and accused of being a "diva" and I for one would like to know why he has this reputation.

Also what was the truth about his relationship with Derek Jeter.

I think they are both straight but something was going on.

Rodriguez probably suffers from "
pretty boy" syndrome and feels inadequate in bed.

Maybe that is why Madonna kicked him to the curb so quickly! lol


I have to admit, I thought it was funny for his 'type' and first thing to my mind with that type was Madonna since she fits that to a t.

But, when it comes to A-rod, I have never been able to figure out where he is coming from on any level, sexuality, even though he always set off the gaydar or baseball, and, now, he is assured of one thing, a legacy that will be tarnished more with the roid use than his sexuality IMO, since he is one of the greatest players of all time to many baseball fans.

And, with the roid use, he probaly can't function anyway.

Alan T

Good point Luther. Juicing will suppress his sex drive and keep his flag at half staff.

I'm really sorry he took roids and let down so many people. If you are making $250 million, what is the "pressure," to make $300 million?

Derrick from Philly

"Rodriguez probably suffers from "
pretty boy" syndrome and feels inadequate in bed."

Well, I certainly hope someone can help/train him because from what I've seen he certainly has adequate equipment (I mean the bulge--I've never been blessed to see anything uncovered).

....the sensitive Papi.

Danny Rivera

I haven't really paid much attention to A-Rod. Just strikes me as another insanely overpaid whiny athlete with Peter Pan syndrome. Seems like he is a drama queen and trouble always follows him. His playing sucked last year too.

And sorry Derek, if I had to guess, I'd guess he is not all that good in bed. Running from woman to woman while he has a wife and babies at home doesn't sound very confident. Just my two cents.

I hope he finds happiness tho, lol, this book should certainly cause a few more problems at home.


dominican trade


Who cares if he took roids. All sports do it from heavy weight lifting to football. I could care the f less. If I'm going to pay $150 to see the Dodgers, someone better be hitting the ball out of the park.

Jeters and Rodriguez a couple at one time? BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it.


I am so tired of people who say the ends justify the means. It sends the wrong messaged to our youth and culture.

Sure many athletes do it, and muscle queens at the club do, and high schoolers, but that doesnt mean its right. Many people do many things that is wrong or illegal. Doesn't make it right. Especially if you sign a contract saying you won't take these substances and the league prohibits taking them because they give you an unfair advantage.

Oh and let's not forget he said numerous times he didnt take them and threatened to sue those who said he did. Anyway, take this up with President Obama. He said the exact same thing last night on TV, it was wrong and he was disappointed with Rodriguez.


Roid usages is wrong when you sign a contract saying that you won't.

Roid usage outside of that? Do you and if you wanna take them, that's your business. I get so tired of fags who trip on guys taking steroids as if they can never piece together that a good number of the men they fantasize about? Did not get to their size by 'being natural'. And no, steroids do not automatically shrink your balls *forever* or cause you to run over a bus full of nuns.


Say What, don't put words in my mouth. I never said I thought juicing was uncommon. It's very common in the gay community, high schools and sports. I know many ppl who have taken juice and my ex BF (a bodybuilder) was cycling. I said professional athletes are held to a higher and different standard and performance enhance drugs are banned because it gives them unfair advantages in sport.

I'm not talking about men in the clubs strippers or circuit boys. I'm talking about pro athletes who are making tens of millions of dollars and legally required not to take steroids. I sign a drug policy at work and am required not to get high or do drugs so it won't impair my work or make me a liability. Why can't these pro athletes honor their committment and their word?

One more thing. I often comment here and it seems the same two or three people always want to say something off the wall and want arguments. I'm just puttin' it out there.


And excessive intake of testosterone will suppress a man's sex drive while he is under medication. It's because the body has been "tricked" into thinking it has manufactured enough testosterone. That's Chemistry 101.

Many steroids such as testosterone, dianabol and anadrol in fact do make the testicles descend or shrink when taken in excess. It generally reverses later.

Really, sweety, *you* really don't want to go there with me.


Son, I don't think you'll wanna go there with me.

One, if you actually read what I said you would see that I *agreed* with you when it comes to sports. That its not fair and he is wrong. Where did I say athletes using roids was okay?

I was responding to a number of folks in their response to finding out he was on roids, so take off the "betch-heels" and slow your roll, son.

Also, excessive amounts of testosterone will do a lot of things-mainly convert to estrogen and change parts of your body which is the real issue when it comes to the sex drive- thats why people will take *other things* to counteract the bad effects so stuff like that won't happen. You aren't the only person who knows his sh*t, so stop acting like you're special.



I just saw him on Headline News and I honestly feel sorry for him.

He looked just like a little b___h sitting in that chair explaining why he lied and so forth......

This book will not reveal anything that most of us who have two eyes and a gaydar have not only figured out but no longer care about. At least I don't.

I always felt his marriage was a fraud from the jump. This kid (A-Rod) needs a lover that is there for him and not his money. Especially at a time like this. I hope Jeter is there for him.


I thought A-Rod and Jeter made a nice couple. I hope they can get back together again -- LOL


ROD, you made a mistake! Jeter didn't say "and Alex is going to be my friend forever. I'm going to support him any way I can." - that was Jorge Posado - another player.

anyone that knows baseball knows Jeter and Arod are no longer good friends. that was a little misleading, even though it was cleverly funny.

Jeter isn't the type to say things like that anyway. he likes to keep things to the chest and doesn't give away a lot in terms of emotion. some say boring.

Ohh. I did make a mistake! Thanks, I'll clean that up in a minute, I misread the quote! -RM


Another tragic aspect of A-Rod becoming A-Roid is the fact that his steroid use didn't really help him, statistically, which is probably because baseball is almost totally about mental sharpness and physical coordination, not brute strength. It doesn't make sense that such good players would mess themselves up like that.

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