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05 February 2009



We'll see what will happen. Of course the churches and religious organizations will still be able to discriminate against gays. But we will see if they will do this less often or with less compunction.


i'm very hopeful the obama white house will be able to 'fix' his program. we've already come to the reality that obama and his white house are in bed with the church folk and want to get support from white evangelicals. at least he is acknowledging concerns of gay community but admittedly is not answering 'our' concerns. he is walking a fine line.

for what it worth the government should stay the heck out of religion. sadly it won't happen.


I would love for this to be tested. There are many lgbt congregations that do important work in the community. I'm thinking of Archbishop Carl Bean’s Unity Fellowship Churches that are mostly lgbt or Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). If the Faith Base funding is really open to diverse churches then OUR churches should get money also. We should demand that affirming churches be given the same consideration as the evangelical ones. If churches who get money continue to disrespect our community, then we need to hold Obama's administration accountable.


Well, I for one have no respect for the "faith based" programs and don't think tax dollars should be used, since most of it goes into the pockets of the preachers anyway. The "preachers" have major issues when it comes to the glbt community, and, will not stop the nonsense they spew and Obama like Bush has turned me off with this so called initiative, keep "faith" out of politcs.


The very idea behind these hate based initiatives is really bigoted against atheists. The justification has always been that religion makes people more moral and more responsible. That is so silly, but many people actually take it seriously.

alicia banks

most churches, like obama, are no friends to gays!!!

we have to deal with that dooming fact now that obama has not only thrown us under the bus but is backing over us as we lay...

and he can keep his pending pro-gay military cannon fodder policy bs...i am homosexual not homicidal!!!

i want equal rights as a gay civilian not as a military corpse!!!


Andy Niable

While I am an agnostic who also respects others' rights to practice and celebrate religious beliefs--but who is uncomfortable with any government monies being involved--the expansion of this office (much less its existence) troubles me.

I was however encouraged somewhat today when I learned that Obama has appointed Fred Davie, a black gay man, to serve on the Policy Council of this office.

At least we LGBT folks will be participating--directly--in the conversations and deliberations of this government institution. This will not be the same office that we had to deal with under Bush/Cheney.

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