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23 February 2009



Don't get me wrong..I dig Sean Penn. Out of most of the "hollywood activists", he's probably one of a select few who put their money where their mouth is and what not.

But....are we and Hollywood oh so willing to "forget" that Sean was quite the raging homophobe as of a few years ago?

I mean, one gay role and he's the bastion of tolerance?

Sorry, but I'm not buying it. I preferred Sean when he was contrary, conflicted over gays and in your face...

I'm not sure if I buy this "new and progressively improved" Sean Penn...

But, his wife Robin (who is QUITE supportive of the gays), was fabulous as she always is last night.

alicia banks


i love sean...


i wish other celebs would follow his lead and become far less apolitical sell outs...



i found the movie a little boring and typical biopic but i am very happy mr penn and mtr black won

these were powerful speeches


Dallas Cowboy

BRAVO to Sean Penn!

I agree with Alicia (love your blog) ....

I will be glad when other actors have courage to ssy what they believe in ...

And when gay actors will come out!!!


@ Ryan

Who cares??

He's just helped us by sooo much!! Come on bro!


Everyone at some time in their life has a "come to Jesus" moment, whether they believe in Jesus or some other force in their life. I have no doubt that Sean had such a moment at some time and space, whether before or during the filming of this movie. Let's not be so cynical about his motives. Let's just embrace the outcome of his experience and not focus so much on why but take a moment of introspection to delve deep into our own hard held beliefs and see that if we are to evolve and grow that we at least need to ask the questions of why we believe what we believe. I am a southern, middle aged, protestant, church going woman who has been challenged to see a complicated issue from a different perspective. I am grateful for the challenge. I have been challenged to prayerfully consider my beliefs and prayerfully delve deeper into WHY, or even IF I believe what I thought was a "the Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it" mentality. I am still pondering......and that's a good thing. Thanks, Sean, and everyone connected to this movie

Mad Professah

Props to Sean Penn for speaking up after winning.

I was pretty confident that he would win because of the Prop 8 stuff and the fact that his performance simply was the most astonishing male performance of the year, if it had been Mickey Rourke giving that performance and Sean Penn in The Wrestler it wouldn't even have been close.


Ok, I may be late and behind, but I thought Sean Penn and Robin Wright broke up. Happy Sean won, though.

Jon Ford

What about domestic partnership? Don't gay couples already get all of the same rights as married straight couples? It is disingenous to make the fight against prop. 8 a matter of "equal rights" when said rights have already been granted. Sean Penn should focus on acting an stay out of politics!

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