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28 February 2009



I find this discussion to be rather silly. Regardless of whether or not you like Tyler Perry's movies, you cannot knock his business acumen. He has many more movies in the pipeline, including "Madea's Class Reunion" and a sequel to "Why Did I Get Married". Many people who like his style of comedy appreciate his work, and they actually TURN OUT and support his films. You can't turn down that type of enthusiam, and the film distributor gives him total control over his projects. Many Hollywood producers in the business for years still can't do what they want without being reigned in by an "executive". With Tyler Perry, he IS the executive. He is getting more recognition and outside acting opportunities as his audience base continues to grow. Expanding onto TV has only improved his marketability.

Are his movies perfect or beyond criticism? Of course not. However, I think it does a disservice to bash him because he's not living his life according to what some of you folks want him to do.

News flash--If Perry is gay, he shouldn't have to come out of the closet just to appease other gay folks who probably still won't like him anyway. Its not about you--its about how HE feels. Its a personal, private matter and he is an adult who can make his own decisions. You can't force someone to come out so you can make the "movement" look better. He is an individual and may not feel comfortable coming out, if he is gay or bisexual. Its HIS choice to do what he wants. You don't know that man's situation or what he's feeling in his head, and its just ridiculous to pretend otherwise.


@ Todd:

If Tyler is NOT doing any harm to others by remaining in the closet, then fine, sure, it should be his choice and his choice alone.

But creating an empire on the backs of negative stereotypes of black gays, using drag to enforce his trite stories, and then, worse of all, MAKING A POINT OF LYING to the media about his sexuality (instead of just remaining silent about it -- like Luther did or Latifah does) IS doing HARM. And those who do harm, either through action or inaction, deserve to be outed.

It's no better than a black person passing as white who made a rich career off of berating people of color and doing blackface for laughs, then lying about his racial heritage in the press and stating he "only wants to marry a nice white girl." That Negro would deserve to be publicly outed as black.

And yes, I sure don't know what is in his head (as can be said about ANYONE who is not you), but I can certainly judge him by his actions, and by his words, and by what was said and done in my own presence and in the presence of those I know, love and trust.

Re: his business model / acumen, as I said above, it's unparalled. The product sucks, however.

Barry S

Todd, this conversation is NOT silly. It's extremely important and your rather one dimensional comments go to the heart of the problem with black people: anyone who is "successful" or "makes money" gets a pass. And we're supposed to automatically support them.

As BLAthlete and others said, Tyler Perry trafficks in the lowest common denominator, derivative ghetto stereotypes and trites black Christian messages. The mere fact that he is extremely successful is a reflection of his audience.

By your same reasoning, we should "support" 50 Cent because of his "business model"? What about Lil Wayne or Snoop? What about Eddie Murphy's "Norbitt" movies or Martin Lawrence's "Big Momma"? They have extremely successful business models ...

People can appreciate and support WHOEVER they want, regardless of how much money is at stake. And I choose not to support closeted black gay men who wear dresses and makeup for the cameras and act ghetto. And, trade in the worst stereotypes about black people and black gay men in order to get a laugh. We can do better.

Black gay men damn well can do better.

Barry S

One more thing "TODD" ...

Are you the same "TODD" who was defending RAHSAAN PATTERSON a few weeks ago? Seems like you a have history defending closeted and self hating black gay men and the church crowd. One wonders are you out?

I am, to my friends, family, coworkers and church. You?


Ok..ok...Barry S..calm down. First, please don't come at me so snidely...it diminishes what you try to pass off as legitimate arguments and just makes it look like incoherent ramblings. Second, I just came to this site a couple of days ago and this was actually my first post, so no, I didn't say anything about Rashaan Patterson (I'm not even familiar with him). I feel sorry for the person who did bring him up though, since they are being thought policed by someone as rude and condescending as you.

Its good that you're out to your friends and family, but I didn't ask about your situation, nor did I really care...it has nothing to do with the discussion about Perry (which you seem to know all the answers to..snark). Again, its annoying when people like you try to turn the discussion into OBSESSIONS about themselves. I just stated that people are free to tell their sexuality to whomever they want, whenever they want. He's a grown man, just like Queen Latifah is a grown woman.

Just because someone doesn't broadcast their sexuality doesn't make them "self-hating". They are just quiet folks who live their lives. If asked, they'd be happy to let you know that they are a gay male or lesbian. Ok?

However, all this is specualtion. You don't know what Tyler Perry is. What if he's bisexual? Would you tell him to pick a side to appease your own perception of what he should be?

I do agree with you that I don't like some of the stereotypes that Perry perpetuates. However, its just a MOVIE. Its not going to make the world stop spinning. Sorry that it isn't 100% to your perfection or liking, but it is what it is. Perry isn't going to stop with the character until he feels the need to.

When did I ever say that people had to automatically support Perry? I NEVER said that. People are free to ignore and boycott all his movies and DVDs. I don't know Perry and could care less how many millions he makes, but no one is forcing people to go out and see his productions. You seem to twist words around to prop up your own arguments.

Also, Barry S, berating and talking down to people will never help your cause. That won't fly with me. It seems like you have a "history" of making assumptions without any factual basis.

Todd, dial it down. Barry asked a simple question and was not "berating." He has also established his bona fides and comments here almost daily. This is your first post, which you seem to be taking rather personally.

And Barry, this is not the same Todd from the previous thread. Please apologize. -RM

Shane Moseley


Barry that sounds like a "no" to me

Barry S

"Todd", I am sorry for mistaking you for the other "Todd" who was rationalizing black gay men who are closeted in the black church. I apologize.

However I'm not going to go tit for tat. You say this is a "silly conversation" but are leaving more and longer replies. You also rationalized "supporting" Tyler Perry because of his "business acumen" and success. The comparisons to 50 Cent and Lil Wayne are therefore justified.

Oh and yes, I do know about Tyler Perry's sexuality. I've been to two parties where he attended and both were gay parties. Tyler was also running after a very good friend of mine in Atlanta. Tyler's activities are not a secret.

Take care.


I do find it interesting that this "Todd" has chosen not to address my response to his post, which addresses things I personally witnessed and know about Tyler, yet he decided instead to go tit-for-tat with ad hominem attacks with another poster. That does seem to indicate that even he can't support his own position on the subject matter very well.


It is interesting Blathlete.
Silence and crickets from Tyler's internet publicists on what you have personally experienced and seen and what others know to be true...Oh and no response on the "are you out" question. That's okay because we can guess the answer by how strongly he is trying to keep Tyler's closet door closed.

And chile that story is fascinating. Come sit next to me and spill some more tea please!


Tyler is not gay. He tends to date regular women who don't want to deal with all of the drama that comes with him being a big star and want to keep their private lives private. Look how people talked about Usher's wife what woman would want to deal with that.


@ Kim:

Did you even read the comments before you posted, in particularly what guys like me who have been to his Alpharetta home for all-gay parties had to report? You seem like the kind of delusional woman who would marry an obviously closeted queen, despite being told of all the tell-tale signs that he is as gay, and even seeing big gaping clues yourself. Clueless naysayer women like you don't have the right to claim "victim" when your so-called "straight" husband is discovered to be.. gasp... "on the down low"!


Tyler Perry IS NOT GAY!!

KIM is right and knows what she is talking about. TYLER PERRY loves down to earth regulr sisters who don't like spotlight and paparazi. He is dating one now! He is too modest to mention it!

Do you have proof Mr "Black Athlete"?? I didn't think so ...


Regina, oh great. Yet ANOTHER idiot. What more kind of "proof" would you require, Missy Ann? A cum-drenched towel like in the Clay Aiken case? A photo of a big black dick in his mouth?


OH SNAP! I have seen and HEARD IT ALL now....

But rest assured, you didn't shock me 'girlfriend'...Others have made their points (not saying I beleive for a minute!!) in this blogs with less sass and crass than you Mr So called "Bla Athlete"

Must not be so fine yourselF!! If you say Tyler is running after all YOUR FRIENDS BUT YOU!!


It cracks me up when these so-called "women", because you really don't know if they are actually women, come to an unabashedly gay website and spew their "oh he's not gay, he's a good Christian man" bile. As I've said before, if gay men really talked about what we know, a whole lot of "straight" relationships would be brought down. However, the overwhelming majority of gay men keep their dealings with dl brothas quiet. That's why these "straight" men can operate on the dl.


@ Ravenback:

You're onto something. Regina and her friend Kim are probably either the same person or a guy in disguise, just trying to troll and cause trouble. Maybe the moderator can verify? Not that they are guys, of course, but that they may be one and the same.

Rod Mc

Thanks for calling this to my attention.

Kim and Regina are not the same person. Both IP addresses have been blocked. There were three other women who left hostile comments, those were automatically held because of language. Not sure how they came here, but our Google rankings are top ten on "Tyler Perry private island", maybe that's how they found it.

BTW, thanks for sharing those excellent stories about TP. I have a number to share myself.-RM


@ Rod:

They probably came from MediaTakeOut.com. Many of the readers of that site seem to be in denial about sexuality, and also, most of the posters at that site seem to be highly illiterate and extremely poor with the grammar, sentence structure and spelling. Something those two "female" posters had in common.

The MTO posters also seem to have invaded Michael Musto's Village Voice blog about Tyler being gay, too. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/dailymusto/archives/2009/02/why_wont_tyler.php

Rod, it would be great to share some of your stories about Tyler as well. Remember... truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel.


Or it could be someone from BET.com, they seem to have issues with it there, too.

Here's a sample of one of the sad-sack comments posted there -

"Reginald said on March 3rd, 2009

I believe that he should NOT talk about his sexual preference because some people will begin to look at him in a different way! Like the article says, alot of his viewers are christian and it might hert his fan base, so he will have to be like Luther Vandross and keep his personal life to himself, everyone know’s he is smart enough to do that! Michael Musto should mind his own Damn business! Black people don’t like to hear stuff like that! Black people get easily turned off by our own sucessful people coming out of the closet. If he is, he should take that issue to his grave! it is better off that way!"


You have TP story Rod? Do tell.


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