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28 February 2009



I have found his movies to be of the hit or miss variety. There are some good parts, and then there are parts that go on and on. In his latest movie, the Madea character steps all over the movie. He has two talented actors in Derek Luke (love his beautiful dark skin and big kissable lips) and Viola Davis (who brings a strength and sensitivity to the screen at the same time) yet he lets them go to waste. He needs to kill off the Madea character so we can see what he is really capable of doing. And by the way, he has an opportunity to present credible gay characters to a predominantly Black audience.

Mel Smith

Honesty if Tyler Perry make good movies, I believe many people would not care if he were gay or straight. Therefore, he and others need to stop hiding and contributing to their own self-hate. But if Perry say he's heterosexual, so be it.


but tyler perry's movies are not good, they are derivative and present stereotypical characters. and he is certainly not heterosexual, my ex has been to a barbecue and holiday party at his home in alpharetta, lots of black church gays and hot boys there.

i like what ravenback says. it's too bad tyler perry doesn't take risks and presents some diverse characters or situations, or uses his platform to promote a discussion on gays or anything that isn't stereotypical black church stuff. perry has more than enough success and movie, he can afford to take a risk and include a gay character or two.

Mel Smith

Regardless of his sexuality, I am happy for Tyler Perry's success. Today, he's one of the highest paid entertainers. In terms of wealth, Perry is in the same league as Oprah, Madonna, Tiger Woods, and other mega rich stars.

Barry S

"Today, he's one of the highest paid entertainers. In terms of wealth..."

And that means what? That we have to like him? 50 cent made the Fobes 400, too, should we say "regardless of his music..."?

I'm sorry, I really get tired of black folks saying that just because someone is getting "paid" or "mega rich" that means they are above criticism. Tyler Perry's movies and revolting tv show are coonfests and shallow characters. Madea is smoking weed and shooting people. At least Oprah is creating discussion, and Tiger Woods broke barriers. Tyler Perry is not doing very much for the cause of black people

And let's not EVEN get started on his sexuality. Seriously.

Mel Smith

Liking or disliking Perry's movies is a matter of opinion. Again, I am happy for his success. My only problem is that Perry and other successful people might be contributing to our social oppression by hiding who they are.

Mel Smith

Barry, liking him or disliking him is a matter of personal opinion. I'm happy for his success because of the history of oppression that we as a people had to face. However, I'm not happy with anyone being dishonest about their sexual orientation. It's no different than people in the past that hid their African ancestry to become successful in Hollywood.

Barry S

Mel, thanks for the explanation. I totally understand where you bare coming from and also believe that successful gay men who hide in the closet implicitly hurt our cause. Thanks.


I'm really confused and want to ask a question posed by Q:

Why do some black gay men feel compelled to defend closeted (and successful) celebs such as Tyler Perry and Latifah? Tyler Perry has done absolutely nothing for the black gay community.

Oh and I'm sorry but Latifah has graduated from "It's no one's business" to "I'm not gay." This despite the fact that she was up in Catch One several times with the girls.

Mel Smith

Barry, you welcome.


I thought Latifah denied getting MARRIED to a woman, not being gay. Big difference.

I mean, I would rather she come out, of course, but if she refuses to answer the question she is not lying. It's tantamount to pleading the 5th Amendment.

Tyler Perry says he is looking for the right woman. He's lying.


Anderson, do you mean defending their closet-ness, defending their work, or both?


I have seen Perry's movies and accept them for what they are. No more, no less. No it ain't Shakespeare, and I don't forsee that happening in the near future.

It's like any other product. If there is a consumer for it, it will continue to be on the market. He is making millions on his product and I am fine with that. Just like it is fine to criticize that product.

I laugh at the antics of Medea, understand some of the over the top acting in other movies, and enjoyed the different faces in "The Family That Preys Together". Perry is a businessman and I give him his props for that. If I had his money, I wouldn't care what other folks said either. He crying all the way to the bank.

Is he gay? Yes. He knows and we know, but like it has been said, the Black community has a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Would I risk millions and millions of dollars to make people other than myself happy? No, I wouldn't. Would you really? Come on now.

Once I had everything I wanted and was near the end of my career, maybe I would say something, but very few people would take their own food out of their mouths while they are at the height of their popularity. Not many white gays have done that. So you know how hard it is to be successful as a black person in any field. And to give that up because someone other than myself wants to do that? Few people are that altruistic.

If he wants to buy an island and he can afford it, hell, go for it. I would do the same thing if I could. It's not like he's the first person to do that. Marlon Brando and others have done that. Why not him. Am I mad he hasn't outed himself at my convenience? Not hardly. Would I pay his bills if he outed himself and all the black church folks left him (because we know that that is what would happen, because they are the majority of his viewing audience and money makers, and he would have broken the black golden rule of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell")? No, I wouldn't. And a lot of the queens would just say, "That's what you get girl", and walk away. The children say that and walk away over a lot less, so someone they don't know and don't care about would receive a lot less, if that's possible.

So if Perry wants to stay in his see-through glass closet, and buy an island so he can have boy parties without the papparazzi, and roll around in his millions and millions of dollars, hey more power to him.


Tyler Perry has given back to the community, he made a generous donation to the Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, he donated food that fed over 1000 families. This is just one in many thing he has done and he has several outreach programs pending.

If you think Tyler should be writing about gays in his movies, send him an email or join his message boards he reads them often. I am a member of his fan club and he sends out emails from time to time and he seems like a wonderful person.


On the issue about Perry's sexuality, I have no idea whether he's gay or straight. But it strains credibility that he is 40 yrs old and hasn't found the "right" woman. I am 100% gay and I have never had sex with a woman and never had the desire or inclination to do so. I am also openly gay and over 40 yrs old. Even I have had 3 women make serious proposals of marriage to me. I'm not a strapping piece of human physicality, but I am a very kind and respectful person. If I can find marriage opportunities to women when I wasn't looking for them, I have serious doubts about his so-called lack of success. I'm not saying he's gay, but I highly question his heterosexuality. Maybe it's best that he doesn't write about gay people in his movies and TV shows. We might not like what he has to say. If you can't say anything good, then don't say it at all.


@ Kevin:

Very good question,lol
Actually I was thinking of both, but more of his closetness. Latifah has an excellent body of work, so there is no problem on that end.

Diva is very much right. I don't necessarily fault celebrities for not being out, I just think in our black gay community many of us are conditioned to accept the closet and second class status. Of course his "mega rich" career off of chitlin circuit movies would dry up. But if he is buying an island, he is probably not hurting. I mean, if you have 50 million bucks, its not like you can't live comfortably forever.

I'm just thinking aloud. Black celebs rarely come out because black gay men in general don't want to come out. And the blogs and internets are safe spaces for DL and closeted black gay men to hang out. My two cents...


Black celebs don't come out because it hits them in their "pocket book"! LOL!

Also during casting... if u have a gay stigma/rumored it is more diffcult for producers/investors to invest their product in you.

Black community does not accept gays. They are religious hypocrits who think they have a guaranteed ticket into heaven because they are str8.

TP... is GAY! I don't have proof but my gaydar tells me so. Just like I'm sure John Legend, Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, G-G-G-Gay Unit, etc. are all gay. My opinion... don't care if you don't agree.

Private island... more like pvt F*** island. He's tired of all you queens driving up to his house trying to break into bedroom. LOL! Tyler has to be a bottom!

TP scripts SUCK. I did like Daddy's Little Girls because Madea wasn't in it. Yes, TP is helping black actors getting work but he also is trying to avoid the union.

All the Madea movies are horrible.

Lady T


Tyler Perry is a god fearing successful black man! He is NOT gay or BISEXUAL. He is successful and strong in his MANHOOD. What do yall know about THAT???

Tyler Perry is single because he is a great black king looking for his queen! When he has found her the world will know!!! Now back off!!!


Oh puhlezze! stop with this strong black king s***!

God fearing... yeah right.

Try vagina fearing cause he loves him some d***.

It's nothing wrong with being gay.

It's good that he is successful BUTT he does it to fool you stupid religious consumers cause you wouldn't spend your money on him if he say he was gay!

Chris Cruz

"Tyler Perry is single because he is a great black king looking for his queen!"

Tyler Perry found his "queen" long ago. She is in the mirror.

And let me repeat what was just said...there is nothing wrong with being gay.


i'm sorry but this is the mentality we are facing in our black community that being gay is worse than being a gangbanger or criminal.

lady t, now i ask you, okay, what if you had proof he was gay? does your opinion of him change? it shouldn't change at all, unless you are hateful of gay people. now you can see that we come in all shapes, colors and occupations and many of us athletes, doctors, lawyers, entertainers and pastors are gay. maybe once you see that you will change your opinion. or maybe not.

but seriously, tyler perry is not straight,

Lady T

I DO NOT believe a word of it!! I have seen many gay men and there are gay men in my church choirs. Tyler Perry is nothing like them.

'Nuff said, peace out!!


Gay people are not all like you idiot!!!

Gay men aren't all woman!

Just stupid!

We all aren't the stereotype!

But Tyler is releasing his woman thru Madea and making money off it.


Lady T, you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. The gay community could blow a lot of these so-called straight boys out of the closet. Who do you think these closet cases are messing around with? They are messing with gay men. The gay community keeps a lot of secrets. We know the athlete, actor, musician, preacher, politician, lawyer, doctor, cop, married man, and dl brotha who is living a double life. I personally know a rapper, NBA player, and a few preachers who are gay from first hand experience. There are more to gay men than those in your church choir. Your view and experience with gay men are very limited. A group of gay men can sit around and talk about the outwardly appearing gay men that we know of. If you can't intelligently join in the adult conversation on here, then go sit at the kiddie's table. You have absolutely no clue. And by the way, if you have a man in your life, we probably have engaged with him too. I always say to women that they don't have to worry about the man that looks "gay" because you aren't going to deal with him. The guy you have to be concerned about is the one that looks "straight" in every way measurable. He's the one that's stepping out on you with another dude. Wake up and smell the aftershave on his body, because it's probably some other man's scent.


I am always conflicted about Tyler. On one hand, Tyler is the reason a lot of black actors, writers, and production staff stay in this business. He keeps a lot of black peple working behind the scenes, and he really belives on that. Let's face it-- when would C. Tyson, A. Bassett, and others get on the silver screen? Tyler does deserve props for that. And "Why did I get married?" was not a bad movie. It was not great, but it is his best yet.

On the other hand, his movies and horrible tv shows are burlesque at best. They are vulgar, they are crass, they are not of high quality. But then again, that could say more about the quality standards of the audience than Tyler. But the fact that this passes for black entertainment disturbs me a great deal.

On gay issues, Tyler trades in homophobia. I cannot stand it. He has the ability to show positive portrayals of black gay people (he does so for straight black men all the time). Yet he trades in all that filth. He does not have to wave his banner, but he could provide some humane treatment and visibility.

As I said... Conflicted.

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