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06 March 2009



He's along with the rest of the GOP are such hypocrites on any sexual issue, except their own freaky stuff . This guy uses escorts/high priced call girls and then has the gall to talk those vaunted, twisted family values?

Who and why do they keep voting this sort into office???

Son of Baldwin

Hypocrites always want to play innocent....


The issue here is not Vitter's hypocrisy, cuz we all know he is a hypocrite of the first magnitude. The issue is how quickly he can use the right wing approach of deflecting blame and focusing on another issue. Vitter knows the Democrats are not going to zero PP funding so he is wasting his time. But he wants to look like he is trying to "fight for families" and be the voice of morality. Or whatever.


Yet another RepuliCON senator that should step down instead of trying to save face!! What a freakin' joke!!! NEXT

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