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05 March 2009



thanks a lot rihanna. you've gone from strong black woman to doormat. no more sympathy from me.


"Rihanna is sending the wrong message to her fanbase of millions of young women"

Rihanna, despite being a pop star, is not a spokes person or role model for anybody but herself (plenty of people will disagree). If anything she should not leave Chris to "send the right message" but for her personal well being. I have issues with blaming Rihanna for being a 'bad role model' when it comes to her being a victim of domestic violence.

Lauryn, you left that comment about 60 seconds after the story was live, as I was changing copy. Look at everything I've written on the topic. I didn't blame Rihanna and have NEVER blamed Rihanna. She can stay or leave, I could care less. I stopped caring and talking about this once she reunited with Chris Brown. -RM


Oh grow up.
People come on this blog and quibble and parse every word Rod says. Some of you really have no life.

M. Mark

Rod, you can't win for losing. I'[m glad you stopped talking about this case once Rihanna chose to get back with Mike Tyson Jr. Let's hear even less, both of these kids get what they deserve.


"Best of luck to both of them."

Yes, they'll be needing it. Both of them.

Derrick from PHilly

"Your honor, it was all my fault. I hit him in the head with my shoe, and I wouldn't stop...and...and, well, I guess he had no choice but to defend...

oh, I love my man...I'm lie if I say I don't...yes, I love my man, I'm lie if I say I don't...."

I didn't comment on this topic the first time because...well, sometimes I can tell that almost all of y'all who post on Rod's Blog are well under fifty.

A bad ass makes a queens...I mean, a girl's heart beat faster.

Unfortunately, he'll do it again.


--->Early Monday, they returned on the same private plane to Los Angeles.

Where he probably slappped her around some more, says the NY Daily News and Post. It seems Chris has been pulling a Tyson on Rihanna for months. You do you Rihanna. You "love" your man who tried to kill you, we can't stop you.


I don't blame the LAPD and DA for moving ahead with the case. He''ll do it again, that is fa sho. And you can beat up people, bite and choke them ... umm, abandon them on the road ... and expect to get a 'get out of jail' for free pass.

Rihanna obviously forgives him, the state doesn't. Now what will be interesting to see if she will be compelled to testify and perjure herself and lie or say she 'doesn't remember'... Sad, very sad.


I can't believe I've read that they may have married. I hope that those reports are just mess written on the gossip site. Geesh!! But like you said, her choice. I just hope she can "live" with the choice she made.


Well I hope this circus is finally coming to a close! I have been exhausted over the ever changing stories and endless list of "Unnamed Sources!" I hope justice is served and I hope they both move pass this. However, I think jail time is not to likely, because of the alleged reconciliation and the fact that this is his 1st offense.

I would also like to say that I do not believe that he will do it again. Once a hitter is not always a hitter. There are exceptions! Chris is a 19 year old BOY, who is NOT a MAN yet! He still has the potential to learn from this experience and with the proper counseling he can become a man! I will pray for him and Rihanna!


Sadly the circus is just beginning, lol. Filing charges means more and more reporters, and testimony and all that business.

I hope you are right Isis...but it seems this was not the first time Chris Brown hit Rihanna. Apparently her police statement says he did this many times before. If this wasn't the first time, and his girlfriend took him back, it's statistically likely he will do it again.

We'll see and I hope not tho ...

Derrick from PHilly

"Once a hitter is not always a hitter"

Yes, you have a valid point, ISIS. I hope you're right. I understand why women had to stay and endure--years ago. Today, I don't.

It is painful and dangerous for the women who stay or return. It is frustrating as hell for those of us who watch her go back.
Whether it's your mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter, best girlfriend--you try to convince them not to go back.

Same sex domestic violence? Honey, you better get yourself together and get the f...k away from him/her 'cuz you'll get about as much sympathy as a crippled pigeon.


...Once a hitter is not always a hitter....

Link or statistics please?

Everything I've read says abusers are MORE likely to continue. Not all of course, but the majority.

Oh and yes, Chris Brown is a BOY but when you put your hands on another person and harm them you have to face the consequences like a MAN. Unless you're saying he is a "boy" and "should get a break"?

alicia banks

thank god!

since rihanna and chris chose to be horrid role models

maybe their fans can learn a lesson from the perils of breaking the law...

i pray he does not just pay his way out of it as most celebs do...

this was a severe beating!
far more than a spat etc..


Greg G

"According to this warrant (PDF), which says Brown 'shoved [Rihanna's] head against the passenger window' and 'punched her ion the face with his right hand while steering with his left hand.'"

Yes, just a little spat, sounds like Chris Brown never did anything like this before and never would again.


Alicia says, "since rihanna and chris chose to be horrid role models. maybe their fans can learn a lesson from the perils of breaking the law"

That is exactly the case here. Chris Brown and Rihanna CHOSE celebrity. They did not stumble into recording contracts and international television concerts. They are expected to conduct themselves at a higher standard. Of course they don't and their fans want top cry about "privacy" and these people are not "role models."

You give up privacy when you choose celebrity, that is why the courts allow paparazzi to stalk movie stars and not you or me. But these two triffling kids are certainly NOT role models. Rihanna is learning much of the support she had is no drying up. I wish her the best. But I am sure this will happen again. It's happened a few times before, it will happend again. Why not? Rihanna went back to him and doesn't want to pursue the case.



No links or statistics needed. This is my own personal opinion. I think the public nature of this incident could be blessing in disguise for Chris. He will have ALL EYES ON HIM! Whether he and Rihanna stay together, he will always have this cloud above him. I think he will be compelled to really seek help (some reports say he already has). I have compassion for Chris, because I know he witnessed abuse as a child and as many have stated, it becomes a cycle. I don't want to just wish negative things on him. I want him to recover and learn and grow into a REAL MAN!

Also, my statement was in no way applying that he should be treated anything but fairly. He needs these consequences in order to recover. His life and career depend on it. Without the consequences, he will not learn the lesson! I'm just hoping Chris is one of few that recover and become better people.


Being just 19 doesn't reduce the severity of Chris Brown's actions. Most woman beaters start out in their teens. There are many cases of 16 and 17 and 18 year old boys who beat up their girlfriends. I'm so tired of hearing people defend Chris Brown. He's a human being just like anybody else. He wasn't a celebrity when he witnessed his mother getting beaten by his stepfather. But now that he's famous, somehow his upbringing has nothing to do with his current sickness. Brown has done this before I'm quite sure, and he'll do it again. Right now, he'll be very loving and attentive to Rihanna. But when an angry moment hits him, he will show his true colors. It's as if a woman beater goes on automatic pilot when his anger get's the best of him. Chris is probably a very controlling person as well. That's a side of him the public doesn't see. All of this is true for gay relationships as well.



I wholeheartedly disagree! I think his childhood plays a GREAT role in what he is facing today. If you think that witnessing abuse as a child does not cause some form of trauma, then I don't know where you've been. Many people on this very blog have stated the same. And him being 19, does have an impact! He's NOT a man, but he thinks he is do the his celebrity. Chris can get whatever he wants when he wants! He can drink alcohol, buy a house and car without a 2nd thought! How many normal 19 year old BOYS can do that! Then put his childhood on top of ALL that and you can have seriously SCREWED UP individual! I just hope he gets it together, because he does a talent and maybe he can use his life to help another.

But just to keep it real for a sec! I am NOT defending Chris and I believe he needs to face the consequences of his actions! I don't think its Bad thing for me to hope he gets better and learns from this incident! I don't know what will happen! He could very well be just as big a jerk as many folks believe! He may very well try to use his money to get out of it, but I will not apologize for hoping he doesn't turn out that way!


Furthermore, to those who say, "Once a hitter is not always a hitter," in her statement to police, Rihanna said the violence was escalating. This indicates that Chris has hit her before. So there goes that "once a hitter is not always a hitter" crap.


Well Ravenback I understand your frustration and many others feel the same as you. However, its also OK for people to hope he gets his life together. It is possible that he can get counseling and NEVER hit a woman again. Its also possible that he will spiral out of control. I'm hoping for the the better outcome instead of the worst case scenario! Does this make me a Bad person?


Isis, no, that doesn't make you a bad person at all.

You explained yourself very clearly and I can understand where you are coming from. You hope Chris Brown can be 'rehabilitated.' I do too. But I think he has to face the consequences of his actions. ut violent felonies are generally not waived for 'first time' offenders. It seems the violence has been 'escalating' and this was no small incident. So I respect your opinion but respectfully beg to disagree with you...in my experience, once an abuser always an abuser.

Hopefully this story will be different.


I am very sad for Rihanna, could care less about Chris. I think Rihanna has self esteem issues., She is very young very beautiful and can probably have any man she wants. Yet she chooses to go back to a man 3 weeks after he not only beats her up but prevents her from performing on one of the biggest nights of her career.

Even if she still loves him I think someone with a better sense of self would give Chris B more time to get his s**t together rather than just 3weeks. I dont think he is mature enough and I am surprised that she does not recognize this.

I wish she would focus more on her career...


Isis, you have completely misunderstood what I stated. Please re-read my comment. The sympathy that Chris Brown is getting is due to his celebrity status. What I clearly said is that some people are ignoring the fact that he witnessed domestic violence during a time when he wasn't a celebrity. Even as a celebrity, he is still the same person he was before fame and fortune. Also, in your response to my comment, you have cleaned up what you originally wrote. Your original comment didn't go into what you subsequently wrote. Please re-read my comment. Your summary of my previous comment is completely inaccurate.

Furthermore, your "personal" opinion about Chris not hitting Rihanna again doesn't jive with the facts. Rihanna has already told police that the violence is escalating. This suggests that Chris has hit her before. This debunks your opinion. The best example he can set is by going to jail. People, especially the young ones, need to realize that even being a celebrity doesn't prevent you from receiving punishment. And I may be wrong, but your first statement does appear to somewhat excuse him by citing exceptions that aren't backed up with facts. At 19, he is a man legally, and he should be treated as one. Rihanna's face didn't say that was a boy's punch.



I only stated that his childhood and celebrity may have contributed to his state of mind. I have been very consistent in saying that I believe he is guilty and should face the consequences. I understood you post just fine and I think you may have misunderstood mine. I hear what your saying about him hitting her in the past, but that does not mean he can't get help NOW! He still has that chance and its up to him to Man Up and get there. And being legally a man is NOT hardly being a REAL MAN! Chris Brown has showed us that he is indeed NOT A MAN! I will say again that the public nature of this incident can possibly force him to really get help! People will be watching him and any little slip up he makes will be MAGNIFIED! If Chris wasn't a celebrity and just the boy down the street, I would feel the same way. I would hope for the best outcome for him. I don't want to see another young man lose it ALL! I want him to face what he has to face and then become a better person. Maybe the statistics aren't in my favor, but its not IMPOSSIBLE! Let me also say that CHRIS BROWN IS NOT THE VICTIM! I am well aware of that! Maybe I haven't made that perfectly clear, but I do understand that! But I will NOT apologize for hoping he gets himself together and never does anything like this again!

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