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04 March 2009



awww isn't that cute? madonna is paying josh to put more muscles on jesus


Jesus Luz is HOT HOT HOT but Brazilians in general are over rated. Funny how when the media and the gays go gaga over "Brazilians" they are always the whitest ones possible... The country is majority black or mixed race.


i know that's right!
the party is with josh! remember those thighs? mercy, mercy.

i wonder how much are his rates? lol


Josh is fine but are you serious you think he is hotter than Jesus???

No. Way. Maybe if Josh were hotter he would have been picked for that W magazine layout with Madonna.
I'm just sayying...

Derrick from Philly

Madonna's living out the fantasy of every middle-aged queen: enough money to buy youthful beauty to satisfy one's lust...I mean, LOVE.


"Maybe if Josh were hotter he would have been picked for that W magazine layout with Madonna."

Or maybe if he were WHITE? Cause that layout and magazine is
mighty vanilla. Most of them are. Unless you are going to argue BLACK models receive as many assignments and command the prices as white models?

I'm just saying ...


Derrick you ain't never lied. Miss Madge will probably have both of them before the week is over.

If she hasn't already lol


Just too many thangs, both of 'em. And I have tried to get mad at Miss Madge for a number of reasons, I just can't do it.

Although, I prefer Carlos Leon to either one of these.

And yeah, she's probably had both, BGC.

Shane Moseley

I love Madonna and say more power to the old girl.

I would have both of those hotties too lol

That Josh is something else tho

Maybe hanging out with Jesus will get him more work

Jorge R

josh es jesus muy caliente!


Ummm yeah. Josh is still the one. He's just my type and frankly even if I could pull a man like Jesus, I really don't want someone who has been near Madonna's swamp. Eeeooowww.


--->Brazilians in general are over rated.

That is an understatement. The entire gay blog world worships Brazil. Towleroad, Socialite, Ohlala, Queerty ... even the black gay blogs OD on Brazil. Amazingly this is one of few blogs that doesnt.

But its just like Derrick said. Madonna is a fag hag and living out the fantasy of every aging queen. Having more than enough money to buy some barely legal "exotic" trade.


both of these men are gorgeous, i would be so lucky to have either! but if i had to choose, i am staying with my brothas, so it's on josh!


Folks, those two are probably doing a horizontal workout. Coz if that little Brazilian homo is screwing Madonna I'm freakin Evita reincarnated.

J. T.

I'm embarrassed to say, I've never heard of either of these men. But, it was entertaining enough to read about them.

Kevin Perez

Nah, Brazilians are sexy. Brazil is the most ethnically diverse nation in the world and the people there are beautiful. The media may not show the ''actual'' colors of Brazil but to say Brazilians are overrated is itself overrated.

It has the largest population of African/Mulatto descendants and they're multiple times sexier than the tired old thugs, gangstas, atheletes, rappers and etc...

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