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26 March 2009



This serves to highlight the astonishing dishonesty of the McCain campaign. You have to appeal to the radical right wing evangelicals to have any hope of winning as a Republican. That’s the group that cherishes Sarah for all her stupidity and incuriousness.


Former McCain campaign chief strategist Steve Schmidt (…) is “personally supportive” of same-sex marriage rights

Whatever, yeah and that carries the political weight of fuzz on a feather.

Teh Gays

Hey Steve...
Thanks for your support NOW!


Rush Limbaugh. Calling Rush Limbaugh. One of your stooges has strayed from the pack.


What this proves is that every gay man and lesbian in America needs to come out to their brothers and sisters and parents. Then they stop talking like Republicans, and show love for their loved ones — which is what happened with Schmidt.

Of course, familial love only goes to far. Schmidt, after all, largely kept his newfound decency to himself while he was working to elect McCain and what’s-her-name. What he’s saying now would have meant a hell of a lot more before November.


Yes, gay people should be treated with “respect”. True Americans believe that EVERY person is endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Republicans practice wedge politics by demonizing one group of the population and then playing to the bigots in their party. Until they drop this policy it will be impossible for anyone who supports civil rights to seriously consider being a Republican. It is easier to scare people with the bogey men of civil unions, universal health care, and regulated financial markets than it is to propose a positive agenda.


Hm... could the authoritarian supporters be losing their strangle hold on the Republican party? But the American voters have short memories, so, I guess we shall see in mid-term elections in 2010.


As long as he continues to work for the Republican Party, then his views are meaningless. Electing these rethugs only puts politicians in power who aren't sympathetic and positive towards gay people. He needs to completely and unequivocably reject the Republican Party and vow to never work with them again until they change their attitudes towards homosexuality and civil rights. Otherwise, shut up and go in a corner and wither away. I'm not impressed.


Not impressed on any level, in the heat of the battle, nary a peep about being for gay rights or Prop 8, other than the lame 'states rights' baloney, and, as far as the big tent idea, good luck, the GOP does not want two groups, blacks and gays, no matter how you cut it, the rank and file of the party loathes both groups.

And, I agree with Lukas, the true test will ne 2010 and the midterm elections to see the real state of the GOP.

Mister C

I'm not buying any of this ___. This is a token statement probably because his sister cursed him out and the McCain campaign must have kicked him to the curve.

So now he wants to come "Out of the Box" so to speak.


The GOP will use anything to gain control again!


Last warning on profanity. -RM

Andy Niable

Funny what comes oozing out between the fingers of the panick-flexing fist of the current incarnation of the GOP...

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