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30 March 2009


D. Askew

DADT is not one of my priorities. I would much prefer if he had a federal hate crimes bill first or the job protection of ENDA.

alicia banks

yes...it figures

as bo escalates wars worse than gwb

all corpses are cleared for cannon fodder...even gay ones

i am homosexual not homicidal
so i could not care less!!!

bo is a liar!



Lewis in Louisville

i could care less about being able to go fight in a war for oil. i'd rather have my rights here first, tthank you very much.

S. Flemming

Yeah, I have to agree with some of the above posters. Plus, the question to ask is is the military READY for the policy to be rolled back? I'm not so sure ... I don't think we are there just yet. On the other hand, you have to do it at some point because there's no real way to tell when people are ready for changes. It's a very complex subject.


Add me to the list. Don't Ask is not one of my priorities, I would also rather start some work on getting a national hate crimes bill and the Employment Nondiscrmination Act ... since so many states let jobs fire you if you gay. It seems like we are still fighting two wars and the military would be slow to accept that big change right now. But they are going to have to accept it at some point soon. So is there ever a "right time"?

Questions ...

Andy Niable

While I agree our economy should be front burner, and ENDA the higher priority when it comes to queer issues, I do think it is helpful for us to let our voice be heard.

And if you don't like this and want Gates to reconsider, contact your Congressional reprentatives and tell them to support the Military Readiness Enhancement Act (the DADT policy has to be changed by law, Obama can't do this alone with an executive order):

Capitol Hill Switchboard number (202) 224-3121

And if you want Obama to hear your voice and support for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, there's always:

White House Switchboard number (202) 456-1111 or http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Fund is also doing a lot of lobbying work, and could use your support, as they are a good source of information and organization at www.sldn.org

Anyone can complain but do nothing. Democracy only works if we show up and participate.


"Just like health care reform and the Employee Free Choice Act, there probably will not be any traction this year on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'"

Naturally, this is what happens when you have a majority of Republicans in Congress and a Republican president. Anything that actually benefits people is given low priority.

As far as Don't Ask Don't Tell is concerned — I figure that keeping openly gay people out of the military is Darwin's way of raising the percentage of gay people in the population.

Rod Mc

LOL @ Jim

Having a Democratic president and Congress should mean we will realize much of a progressive agenda. I don't know about that right now. given the economy. Plus, the Dems are not very good at confrontations, even when they are in power.

IMHO we will make some progress on health in the near future, but probably not very much. And despite the Democratic White House and Congress, EFCA is effectively stalled. Just my thoughts.


Especially when there are 16 Democratic moderate senators who are known as Blue Dog Democrats or Conservadems. They will cause a lot of problems for President Obama.

Andy Niable

Don't expect the Dems ever to march in lock-step as the GOP congressmen and women do--rightly or wrongly, it's just not the Democrats' way.

It's up to us folks. If we want things done, we have to step up, speak out, and show up.

Stuffed Animal

There's no such thing as equal rights if you're not equal in every way. You can't get civil liberties a la carte! DADT is an obstacle to full Gay equality, and every obstacle must be torn down. Obama looks like he's renegeing on a campaign promise here; he should be highly sensitive about this issue. His ass wouldn't be in the White House had there not been an equality struggle for Black people. One more thing . . . LGBT folk are not "queer", regardless of what elitist White Gay activists say, and our issues aren't "queer", either.

E Rod

While I agree we have some more important issues that effect all Americans, DADT is something that we will need to eventually touch on, for those who say that they are not interested in serving thats your right as an American, but many of our brothers and sisters are loosing their jobs out their simply because of their sexual orientation, we have to stop being selfish and stand up for all of our rights.

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