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02 March 2009



i was wondering what happened to will this season. dayumn, thats too bad. i love that man. sexy, smart, multilingual and gay friendly. hmmm.


Now that is the example of the perfect gentleman scholar and athlete.

And a hunk, good gawd! lol
They don't make em any sexier than that.

M. Mark

That really is very significant that Demps has publicly supported gay rights and marriage equality. Most football players wouldn't be caught making statements such as that. Even if some felt that way, sports are so homophobic and hyper masculine they feel they need to earn street cred by bashing gays.

Good luck Will.

Shane Moseley

I never knew Will Demps was on the record for gay marriage.

Makes him even more attractive...


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I wish Will Demps were playing on our team! lol

seriously best of luck i am sure he will find something soon or maybe another music video lol

Derrick from Philly

Yes, Will is wonderful. I wish him luck. Maybe he can get some money out of Tyler Perry.

This damn idiotic, ungrateful, unthoughtful Eagles' management just let Brian Dawkins go to Denver this weekend. The motha fu..as are trying to turn me into a Steeler fan for good.


Will is sooooo beautiful inside and out. I wish him oceans of happiness. We love you, Will

Oh and I dont think Will would want Tyler Perry. Or E Lynn Harris but I am sure both have tried



Never fear. I have the perfect position for you!!

Greg G

You and me both have the perfect position for Will....or should I say positions...


@Derrick lol- You can be sure that Miss Tyler will try to give him some coins.

And you know what, I would not blame her either...a fine man


Swoon. I loves me some Will Demps. AND he's gay friendly?

I've fallen...and I CAN'T GET UP!!

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