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04 March 2009



you do YOU Kanye baby boy
this is why we love you


Kanye West's attitude is so refreshing for a young black man especially in music, in hip hop. I wish we could clone this guy and replace all those other irate violent homophating rappers.

Baltimore Femme

That is okay, Kanye. There is nothing wrong with being confident and having a big ego. Look in history and every great man or woman had confidence and an ego. You can't get ahead or be successful with low self esteem.

And as always, thanks so much for being honest and throwing the gays, especially the black gays, a love bouquet. Muah!





Yes, he speaking out about what we wanted but he still using females to cover up his sexuality. He still riding the fence just like Usher, Bow Wow, etc.

Why can't he just drop the act of bring a girl and not bring anyone?

50 Cent, Lil' Wayne, Common(think they all are gay) isn't going to follow this route of Kanye. NOT EVEN.... LL Cool J, Russell Simmons, etc.

I'm not satisfied still.

There needs to be a conference meeting held with all rappers from east to west.


"I'm not satisfied still."

Oh something tells me some of "us" will never be satisfied. Now we know for certain that Kanye is family? And COMMON??? Why just because they dress nice and are pro-gay?

I actually don't care if Kanye were gay...he is not bashing gays or hurting gays....There is a big difference between 50 Cent and Kanye, one is a gay basher one isn't.

The Usher comparison is wild. Usher is a closet case and gay basher.

This comment was too many things....


I'll be satisified when there is music conference on the issue.

If they can have an emergency conference for the word "nigga" then they can have one for gay.

Antonia your "too easy". You should demand more. One person isn't going to solve/make a point to bring this homophobia to light.

It's no different from the conversating we did re: Tyler Perry, Donnie McClurkin, etc.

Obama said "we" not "I".

Recognized damn it!


i'm going to take the man at his word. i'm happy we as black lgbt/sgl/gay folks have black straight allies. that's how white gay folks get so many things done we need more of 'em to raise 'awareness' and help fight homophobia in our community

but anti-believer has a point that we need more black gay men and celebrities to come out.we were just arguing that in the tyler perry post. i just don't kanye's pro gay comments are the right vehicle for this argument.

but someone does need to blow up usher's spot, too many black gay men are happy and satisfied with this dl nonsense. he is very much on the dl and has made stupid gay comments.


"A music conference." Yes, yes you are right above that one, AB. The industry should follow Kanye's lead and be proactive, they would get more respect. But that messes with
the hardcore image of the rappers.

My apologies for misunderstanding. Oh and the name is 'Antonio', dear. lol/smh


I'm sorry I read it wrong, Antonio.

I didn't mean that in a gay-fem way.


--->He still using females to cover up his sexuality

Kanye is gay? And we know this because .... ?

All this time, I just thought he was helping our community and a friend. Thanks for the news alert.


That's my opinion GRANT. His latest so-called girlfirend who is ball-headed has/had a girlfriend. Give me a break. They look like a mis-match just like Russel Simmons and any female model, Usher and Tameka, 50 Cent and Ciara, 50 Cent and Vivica Foxx, 50 Cent and Llyod Banks, OOPS! my bad that one fit...

Question... where has he been helping our community? That's a news alert. All I see is album after album released.


That's my opinion GRANT. His latest so-called girlfirend who is ball-headed has/had a girlfriend. Give me a break. They look like a mis-match just like Russel Simmons and any female model, Usher and Tameka, 50 Cent and Ciara, 50 Cent and Vivica Foxx, 50 Cent and Llyod Banks, OOPS! my bad that one fit...

Question... where has he been helping our community? That's a news alert


Okay, so the girlfriend is bisexual. Straight guys like that.

Kanye is into women, he is just sensistive and has some femme ways.


But you do have a point about the suspect brothers always going after models, lol @ Russell Simmons pretending he is straight


LOL! Yeah right! You keep believing that. That's your right.


Question... how have YOU helped our community?

Charles T

I enjoy Kanye and will admit to appreciating his image more than his music. But I admire a black man who is confident in his sexuality and can speak publicly about it. Is he gay? I dunno. Maybe, maybe not, maybe all these public statements are his ways of inching out the closet. Or maybe he is truly in touch with his feminine side and regrets the errors of his youth.

However I do feel he has helped black gay men by creating a discussion in our community, in hip hop and rap, where there was none before. Not everyone is listening but some are. And some people are changing their ways or trying to change their language. That is something.


By speaking about it to my gay friends and those not gay as well.

Talking, conversating.... just as I ask for the hip hop leaders/industry to do the same.

NOW WHAT? What has your azz done?


I also talk about thses issues on other entertainment sites like EURWEB.com where it is predominantly black religious females.

I have friends who are and have been in the entertainment/music industry in LA. We've had these discussions.

Those who can make swifer, quicker and have a "face" can change the industry. Record executives could careless until an artist is truly exposed to be gay which then they drop your azz from the record label.

So what are you doing if you are for the cause?

Eddy B

Kanye is alright with me. You go, boy! Do your thang, design your clothes, collect your pieces, spend your quality time with whoever, and thanks for continuing to speak out. It's creating a much needed conversation even in our own black community.


"LOL! Yeah right! You keep believing that."


LOL i heard it all now, Anti-believer......" I have friends in the industry who i discuss this subject with?" or "blog on random sites and continue to hide by the computer?"..... How about you stepping out from behind your computer for a second and making it as a powerful public figure who happens to be openly black & gay.

I think that would be much more of a powerful statement... think about it!

Chris Cruz

I'm not sure how this conversation became hijacked but that seems to happen regularly when Anti-Believer joins then party...

Back to Kanye... I really admire what he is doing, he is telling brothers especially the kids , hey you don't have to be a thug. And gays are people too, STOP bashing them. And that is very important we need to hear more of that.

I am not going to fault Kanye for anything else. That is more than enough he has done if you ask me ... people in the blk community are talking about black gays and that is hella difficult. what is he supposed to do, go to PFLAG or NBJC and fight the fights WE DON'T WANT TO FIGHT? That is just silly.

And Quest is right. Leaving anonymous comments on blog and starting flame wars is not doing something to help the community. 'You keep believing that' tho ...

Rod Mc

This post is about Kanye and his remarks on homophobia. Not sure how it became personal but enough already.

Anti-Believer: You don't like what Kanye said, okay, fine. But you cannot dominate the comments. Make your points and move along. -RM

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