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30 March 2009


Danny Rivera

Mehcad can't act his wait out of a paper bag but thankfully this is all I need to see!


LOL @ Danny

I was going to same something a little bit more charitable but you said it much better lol

Former COGIC

Meh. Not really my type, seems very arrogant and vapid. Typical pretty boy actor with muscles.


LOL@ Danny!

Yeah, this is all I need to see too.

It's nice to see him in person at the gym. Big guy... bi-ceps are crazy!

I didn't even know he was on this show. I was wondering what happen to him after he took his shirt off on the CW's The Game.

Now he needs to do a full frontal nudity.

Shane Moseley

COGIC, you don't want him, I'll take him!

And you are right K-mark. Those biceps are insane, whew he can crush me anytime.

Lucky you to see him at the gym. What else do you see lol


Danny is right. Mehcad really can't act but I am sure this is exactly waht he does at auditions and casting "interviews"... But I ain't mad at him.

Work it out Rod, it;s only lunch time and you have stories for days this Monday. Plus prime beef!

S. Flemming

I liked him on Housewives and regretted they didn't do more with the Applewhites. He's kinda cute though. Looks a little young for my taste though.


I was so happy when Desperate Housewives recruited him and the fabulous Alfre Woodard. Sadly and typically Marc Cherry made the only black characters the murderers on Wisteria Lane.

Mehcad is beyond cute, he is phine. But I wish he would broaden his roles. I would love to see him in a serious drama or even play gay. But not with same random tired white gay, no offense. Too many hot black actors (Taye, Brian White) go that route.


I've been watching his fine ass all weekend on The Game marathon on BET. I gotta catch up on Dollhouse.

Derrick from Philly

" Looks a little young for my taste though."

Well, you just pass him on to me, S. Flemming. I'll put some Worcestershir sauce on him till he tastes just right. His upper body is delicious and powerful.

(you know, I spent about 15 minutes looking up the spellling of "worcestershire"--I've never met anyone in my life--including me-- whose pronunciation of that word bears any resemblance to the spelling.)


Shane... he covers most of the time. he talks to a bunch white females....Ewww!

Carlos... re: broading roles... i think that is something you can't see because it is "behind the scenes". If i remember right, Mechad audition for the "Green Latern" role in the up-in-coming "Superfriends" feature film. He should've got it but they gave it to tired-azz "Common". I'm sure Mechad is auditioning for other roles cause he even played a gay guy his an earlier role.

do you research carlos.


K-mark, are you Mehcad's publicist?
I wasn't talking about what he has "auditioned" for, I was talking about what roles he accepted. He is a so-so actor but his meatiest role was in "Valley of Elah" which was a giood movie btw. Usually he plays himbo or light drama.

Speaking of research, I don't recall Mehcad Brooks ever playing a gay character. Rod has been talking about Mehcaad Brooks before he became famous and has never mentioned that one. But since you're gym buddies maybe you know more than he does ...


He's trying to be a high successful actor. You can't turn down roles if they are far and inbetween. You always want to stay a steady working actor. You always keep adding to yoru resume cause you don't know who's watching. Plus, you network. The director on a role you might not cared for might offer you somethign better down the line. Obviously, you are not well verse in the industry.

If you're going to be picky and you haven't hit the point where the phone is ringing off the hook, then you better keep your day job as a waitress or a copymaker at Kinkos.

In the movie "A Token for Your Thoughts" he is a high school guy who has dreams. At one point he is hugging a white boy affectionately.

Publicist? No, but part of the industry. The gym I go to is full of black male actors, Wayans bros, Michael J White, Keith Robinson, etc.

I love it how other people tell some one how they should live their life of what they should and should not do but they aren't paying or feeding that person.

Blogging allows fools to show how foolish thinking they are to the world. Congratulations!

S. Flemming

@ K-mark - They are doing a Superfriends flick? Oh I'm so there if that happens ... I spent many a Saturday morning with them and my Fruit Loops. lol.


Did you mean "well-versed"?
If that's what you mean, I am very much so, I work in commercial post production. That's hardly a "Hi May I help You" type of job.

But was just making a general comment, dear, no need to run to the defense the actors you see "at the gym." But bless your heart, that is very LA.

I'm in New York City and an editor in post. We roll a little differently in our tone and outlook. And in what we consider "industry." But you're absolutely right, leaving comments at blogs does allows fools to show themselves. And as a longtime commenter at this blog, and you're quite new here I believe, I've said enough.

PS: I think you mean Michael "Jai" White, another D lister.


Very very hot man.

Very very pedestrian actor.


i've heard a lot about the 'dollhouse', what is it about? iss it good?


For being someone who works in the industry you don't know much then. Must come from the tone & outlook in NYC. Too bad!

Who I see in the gym wasn't a defense.

"bless ur heart" - such a church queen response. LOL

S Fleming.... yes, it's on IMDB.com . I watched it too every Sat morn'n.


Is boasting about going to the gym and seeing random has-beens (the WAYANS BROS? seriiously) and starting arguments in blogs over the resume of a not-very-exciting actor called "industry" behavior?

In New York we call that "stalking" ...


What does acting have to do with television? Television IS posing, preferably in various states of undress. MBrooks does a respectable job of it. And he's hotter than a west Texas brush fire.


what a gorgeous brother. smart, attractive and a smile that makes you melt. he had a few scenes in true blood. i hope they bring him back next season. gorgeous. did i say that already?

Keith C

Mehcad Brooks does a decent job and looks freakin' incredible. That's wassup. But let's leave it at that.

If he isn't checking for the sistahs he surely isn't checking for the brothas. I can assure you Mehcad isn't debating in blogs about how fierce his black gay fans are! lol


Freeleo, I missed Mehcad in True Blood. I need to look for those episodes because I heard the series was fab-u-lous.


Unless you are having sexual relations with Mehcad or you're his friend, there's no need to jump all over someone for giving their opinion about him. He is phine, but his acting abilities don't impress me all that much.

And Freeleo, when was he on True Blood. I missed the first 2 or 3 episodes, but I don't remember seeing him. However, I was too busy checking out the one who plays Lafayette -- I think that's his name.

And S. Flemming, Superfriends was my favorite cartoon.


he was in the last two episodes.. a witch took on the form of mehcad to seduce suki's friend. i can't remember her name. well, he seduced me.

usc grad, 28 years old, heart breaking smile, teasingly tan, and gorgeous...sigh..

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