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07 March 2009


Cevin Fisher

it's 2am...when do you go to bed?

great news block, that oprah michelle obama cover rocks! i am so glad oprah is (finally) sharing her cover and who better to share it with than the first lady! sistahs are doing it for themselves lol

i am also hopeful the pennsylvania legislature will be able to pass this bill. as big as penn. is, most people cannot believe the state offers zilch protections to lgbt citizens. plus this new bill would protect gender and trans, so good news.

now go to sleep!


Chile Miss Madgesty underwent something! The lines are starting to show but girlfriend had some freshening up! I ain't mad tho.

Oh and love that O cover


Excellent recap, Rod.

Why does Michael Steele, in every photo, look slightly retarded - eyes bugged out and crooked mouth?

Of all these stories, though, the most amazing to me is the Oprah cover. How does a person put only themselves on the cover of their magazine for nine years? In my wildest dreams of being a billionaire megalomaniac, I couldn't imagine doing that.

Looking at Madonna, Terrell and Oprah, I notice they are all at the top of their field, incredibly rich, self-absorbed to the max - and single.


I just don't get what terrell does wrong. He seems like a great man that loves what he do. Maybe its my love for him that blinds me but I just don't see the hate for him. Honestly I just think straight men are jealous of him cause I never met one that likes him.

Dalton H

Seahawk...you took the words out of my mouth. Oprah has never had the desire to "share" her cover with a mere mortal. Her ego is obviously the size of one of her estate's.

But it's funny tho, even, as you sad. Oprah, Madonna and TO have all that success and all that money, so much money...and each one is alone and lonely. Oprah even joked on the show that for her "couples talk" is "asking which airplane should we use"?

Good luck..


Cajiva, I don't think straight men get "jealous" very often. That's a stereotypically female or gay male emotion.

Other football players and team owners are not "jealous" of Terrell Owens. He is an excellent athlete but not a team player. And he has burned many bridges, cost many teams money and started fights with a lot of people. If he was a good player and would make a team money, then they should be lining up to sign him. Unless you think NFL team owners and coaches would rather be "jealous" and lose tens of millions in potential revenue?

Terrell is a hot man, a very good player but a loud mouth and drama queen. Team athletes hate that.

Steven Starr

...Terrell is a hot man, a very good player but a loud mouth and drama queen. Team athletes hate that...

That's TO in a nutshell. This is what the SFO Chronicle says in the link..."Multiple team sources said, as of Friday, the Raiders have in no shape or form discussed the idea of signing Owens, a perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver who burned every last bridge (and quarterback) on his way out of San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas."

TO needs to settle down with another DL football player and chill. I think he is sexually frustrated.

Andy Niable

In this issue of Oprah Magazine, it is finally revealed that Ms. Winfrey is... an Oompa Loompa?

(She looks horrible in that cover photo.)

Rod Mc

I didn't have the heart to comment on the cover, but you have a point. The Oompa Loompa comment is lol. -RM


i'm surprised vermont already doens't have gay marriage. weren't they the first to get civil unions?


So what is he going to do. He got to play for some team he just can't be jobless.


TO can settle down with me anytime. What an incredible body. I can ignore the rest for a long round of the old in and out with him.

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