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05 March 2009



MSNBC also is streaming and there seems to be no long wait to view. Just and FYI


I meant to say there is not a long wait to view the stream on MSNBC.


I'm watching it now, thanks!

Do you think we will get a ruling today? Or some indication how they will rule? I hope so!


sorry marcus. we may not have a ruling until june. let's hope it's the outcome we want.


Ken Starr is arguing now. What a smarmy self righteous ... well lemme not say anymore.


Starr is very smooth and good with his $100 words. That is why the right wing loves using him, he doesn't come across as the face of a bigot. But all the smooth talking in the world can't gloss over a weak argument.

Andy Niable

A ruling will happen within 90 days.

But don't hold your breath--our case is very weak, which was fairly obvious when the assistant Attorney General of California stuttered through his arguments today.

With all due respect, Willie and Marshall, Ken Starr might have a horrible past and a reputation for dogging Clinton, and he might be smooth, but frankly he's got an easier case to make. It is unfortunate that California's constitution is so easy to ammend (ballot measure, simple majority). It has been ammended over 500 times in the history of the state. Fair or not, that's the law.

The upside is we are just as able to ammend it our way, if we get our sh*t together, make a better case than the Anti-Prop folks did the first time around (how about better outreach to churches and "minority" communities this time?) and win fair-and-square.

Should rights be put up for a vote? Of course not. Is it an expensive pain? Yes. But it would be a more legitimate way to right a wrong than asking the California Supreme Court to make an exception to the rule of law.

I'm hoping I'm wrong, but based on what we saw today, I'm bracing for a ruling against us--or worse, a bizarre "compromise" where the existing marriages will stand, but no new marriages will be allowed. That will be a legal Twilight Zone.

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