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25 March 2009


Barry S

Rod, I love these fashion posts. The styling in the editorial is over the top and fashion forward, how it should be which sometimes our American magazines forget.

And how cute n sexy are Salieu and Marcus?


salieu is going to be a top model. his features are exquisite although he is a lil thing, i would be afraid to crush him


ok. i must be getting old. they look like cute little boys playing dress up. i don't get any heat or sex appeal from them. is it just me? if so, that's ok too...lol


Well, yeah, I think Salieu's appeal is a cute boy playing dress up. Marcus is more mannish, but they do a very good job modeling. I'm not trying to necessarily get any sexual heat from every model. :)


hmmm. ok rj. i wonder if straight men feel the same way when they see models...lol


Freeleo, you're comparing this to straight men and female models. I never said models weren't supposed to be sexy, I just said I didn't need to get sexual heat from all of them all of the time.

Perhaps you haven't seen the many many Marcus Lloyd underwear shots?
Definitely a sexual heat and then some.


Just a minor correction, the issue is entitled the Americans, not the Americas.

But thanks for the photos - I so want to buy it! - the cover and editorial is by Hedi Slimane. But good luck finding it in New Zealand! ha!

Shane Moseley

i wish i could buy this, it looks fabulous.

that pastel shoot is on it.

oh and thanks for posting the photos with the japanese copy, it looks offdachain.

S. Flemming

This one's kinda over my head ...

Henry TW

I get it. Black models in a Japanese fashion magazine, getting more space than they get in American GQ. It seems everyone across the world admires black men and black models except for Americans.

Greg G

"This summer at the beach and on the street it's all about prints and pastels. Oh and oversized floppy beach hats, if you want to be really daring."

Umm, I don't but I hear ya lol


not really feeling the day-glo clogs but the editorial is fabulous, especially the vibrant colors and posing


Salieu Jalloh recently was listed as #45 of the world's Top Male Models on models.com. He should have ranked higher. The racist fashion industry inhibits the success of African models like Salieu, Marcus, Alassane Sy, Ger Duany, David Agbodji, etc. Salieu is extraordinarily sexy and beautiful-- but unfortunately his blackness prevents him from making the dollars the white boys make.


Marcus is straight up sex on a stick. And I'm feenin' for some shish kebob right now!


pink though? The Black guy is the only one in all pink with maryjanes on, it figures.

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