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23 March 2009



I don't know... it's kind of like a complimentary insult to me. Politicians sensing the change of tide, changes course for their own gains. They didn't have the backbones to voice support when the position was unpopular. So what? We're supposed to swoon because they suddenly change their minds because they see opportunity for political gain?

While this is certainly a encouraging sign, however, I wonder how long would it last before they abandon us again when the tide changes once more.

Alan T

Lukas, I'm not going to question people who come to our side. If the goal of activism is to encourage people and politicians to move to our side, then this is a good thing. We can't just applaud people who have been with us all along.

Sense Please

They can change all they want as long as the repeal DOMA - that's Obama's way of getting Marriage in by legislative vote - change away Schumie...


If you look at the eQualityGiving Web site that Rod links to above, they list what they call "Equality Heroes". These are Congresspeople and governors who support full legal equality for gay people, including marriage.

Six out of the 22 members of the House who are Equality Heroes are black (and one of them is the only Muslim in the U.S. Congress), and two out of the three state governors who are Equality Heroes are black.

I find this so odd since it is common knowledge that black people are so much more homophobic than everyone else.

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