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25 March 2009


Andy Niable

A big B.S. to the Gov: a veto will only inflame and extend this process, Governor, so your argument is specious.

So much for democracy, Governor Douglas.


What does marriage bill have to do with economy? Yes, the governor should put his efforts into economy than to waste time making up excuses to oppose a no-brainer civil rights bill.

Sean B

Well this is one way to drag out the process. I am hopeful the House will be able to override his veto.


This is PR for Douglas, so he can say he's against it. He knows that the Dems will have enough votes to override the veto. I'm not so sure he would have vetoed it otherwise, to be honest.

Vermont is a much more conservative state than some of you think. MUCH more.


BTW, blame Vermont for voting Jim Douglas to another term as its governor. This state had no problem going for Barack Obama in the presidency and Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, and then Vt. goes for Douglas.


No offense, Patterson, but VT is not, by any means as conservative as you seem to think. The only area that could be considered as such is the North-East kingdom and that's it.
I personally like Gov. Douglas. I've voted for him and believed that I would again, but after this and his opposition to placing wind turbines throughout the state, I'm afraid I may have to rethink my positions. There is still a chance I will still support him, though, as I appreciate having a bit of contrast in the state government.

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