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24 April 2009



gotta love these bible belt politicians,

take a public stand against gay marriage but can't even afford chalk or erasers for school children


ThIS is a joke right?


I think we need to issue a Proclamation to PEREZ HILTON.

As much as many of us don't like him, HE LET HER HAVE IT AT MISS USA and STOOD BY HIS STANCE!!!

We need a PEREZ HILTON DAY in LBGT AMERICA. He had the chance and he didn't go some punk route! HE STOOD UP! I have a new respect!


i agree with you rev kev
i am not really a perez hilton fan but he stuck to his guns on this and pushed the marriage debate on the nation

he also got britney and miley to come out in support of marriage equality. no small feat. miley cyrus is the number one teen/tweenn star in the world and they both have millions of young fans. that means something

Chitown Kev


Rev Kev, I've hesitated on the Perez Hilton bashing the same reason you state, a "Mattachinist" he ain't.

Malcolm X didn't not talk nice at all about white folks or their mamas in one speech. And he did speak the truth as we saw it. And so did Perez Hilton. We should not be so quick to deny him.


that isn't a surprising @ all


I believe that this is the reason the Republican party is wasting away. When they are not making the stupid argument that waterboarding is not torture or voting against (or refusing) badly needed stimulus money they are bashing gays and cutting the funding for schools in one of the poorest states in the nation.

Those are their values. And that is why the majority is American people have rejected them.

Derrick from Philly

The only noticeable great things to come out of Alabama were Coretta Scott King, Nat King Cole, Jackie Robinson and The Great Queen Miss Dinah Washington. We won't even mention cotton.

Chitown Kev


Uh, add Joe Louis to that list. And Angela Davis.

Heck, I'll throw a mini-mini shout out to Bear Bryant too.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Chitown Kev

you'd know better than me because a lot of 'bama and Mississippi black folks migrated to Chicago. All these Philly folks came from the Carolinas, Georgia & Virginia--that's why we don't play/sing the Blues very well, but we did produce Patti!

Chitown Kev


Derrick, I was born and raised in Detroit. Don't even TRY throwing Patti and Teddy P. and Phyllis Hyman in my face. You will get SMOKED!

Not a lot of 'bama in Chicago really, that's moreso Detroit. Detroit also has a lot from Georgia and the Carolinas, Chicago, not so much. A lot of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas here though.


i thought only virgins could wear white


In related news, the Alabama House's Education Committee approves a "bare-bones" budget that "cuts all funding for classroom supplies for teachers—items like chalk, paper and crayons. It reduces funding for textbooks to $17 a student."

Of course, 'cuz it just don't matter: If you're a plantation owner, your kid goes to private school. And we don't need no sharecroppers with no book-learnin'.

Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia outside of Atlanta, Louisiana outside of New Orleans—these places are as truly mentally ill as human precincts come. And no, I'm not just talking out of some anti-Southern prejudice. I have traveled all over those places, on roads both paved and unpaved, and have met hundreds of men and women of every color and social class. Some of them may be polite enough. They may wave from their front yards as you drive down the road. But too many of the white ones take pride in their mental illness.

These places need to secede like they tried to do back in the 1860s, and still want to do—so they can fester in their moral degradation, instead of our sending our federal tax dollars to prop them up.


I am certainly no fan of Mr. Hilton, but you know what—I think his reaction to her answer demonstrates the anger that many GLBT people feel when we constantly hear the crap coming from the mouths of the religious right!! And to me, this contestant represents the “religious right”.

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