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23 April 2009



Well, Dolan, why ain't you married? Why aren't you out reproducing? I don't recall that verse in your book of laws for hate and nonsense in 2009 that says you have to asexual or celibate. And, since you are on the hard wired stuff of men and women, what happened to all those kids your fellow arbiters of good living and faith did???

D. Askew

You're killing me with that headline! And I would like to now how does the Catholic Church which DENIED science for centuries (remember the world being flat and executing scientists who thought otherwise) now wants to claim heterosexuality and reporoduction is a genetic marker?

Makes celibate priets seem very "un-natural" or un godly no?


Very good point D.!...this whole issue becoming, better yet has been very redundant. WHEN we overcome this issue ...what will they want to complain about next?


If people are born with a moral dictionary embedded in their DNA, then why did men have multiple wives in the past -- and some still today? Why are there so many criminals in the world? Why is there so much brutality and abuse in the world? Perhaps I've had it wrong for all these years. I always thought that I was born gay. But according to the Catholic Church, I must have been born without a dictionary in my DNA. Thanks Catholic Church, you have cleared up my screwy thinking. NOT!!!!!!!!!

Nathan James

Cardinal Dolan needs to put the crack pipe down.


Now the church believes in science?

Aaron Parker

>>>Now the church believes in science?

CRUNCH! Ten points for Freeleo.

Rod Mc

Freeleo, I've tagged the post with your comment, thanks. That was too obvious, can't believe I missed that one. -RM


"Hard-wired into us is a dictionary"...Really? Which one -- Websters? New American? The Papal Bull Guide to Language? Step *away* from the communion wine Your Eminence....

While I might (MIGHT) agree that there is something in all of us that urges us to connect with one (or a few:) people for a long period of time, this is going WAY too far. The Church marches proudly further into irrelevance.


Unbelievable, and laughable. He should be ashamed to show his face.


Bugs Bunny said it best:

"What a maroon!"

alicia banks

like a typical clergyman,
this fool is QUADRUPLY illiterate!...

the word is "built-in"
his bogus theory is nonsense

god "wires" homos in EVERY living species:

gaybashers brazenly speak for GOD..so it follows that they would dare to speak for scientists/biologists/surgeons/psychiatrists etc too...

as a priest, he shoule be far more urgently concerned about legions of his peers who are "wired" to be pedophile predators:


***dear god/jesus: please deliver us all from these "christian" demons!!!!!!!***

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