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07 April 2009


Christian Lebeija

I'm speechless. That is the gayest pre-Stonewall anthem EVAH!


yeah shad, all straight boys love nancy sinatra. the big frosted blond, the plastic go go booots ... very very hetero!

Jason O

"Did the Judy Garland estate want too much money to sample "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"?"

Oh baby this is too much. I think the sample is awful, most rap and hip hop is awful noise that samples old school classics, but this is just too hilarious. That song is GAY GAY GAY. Everyone knows it. The only people who have given Nancy Sinatra a career for 40 years are the queens. She made that hit song for "Another Gay Movie" !


Amazon.com: "I'm Coming Out: 25 Gay Icons to Thrill Your Inner Diva"

Number 13 is NANCY SINATRA


--->"Surely someone at his record label or management were aware Nancy Sinatra and that song are camp gay favorites."

Of course. Bow Wow and Omarion picked it out as an "inside" joke to their special fans.


Let's just assume someone heard the song or remembered it and also thought the beat was bangin. Are you saying straight guys don't listen to Nancy Sinatra? C' mon people this is just too silly...


yes bow wow does sample nancy sinatra and yes bow wow does lip sync to her singing. but is 'paying tribute to a gay icon'? sounds a little misleading ...


@ Nicholas:

There is nothing misleading. Sampling an artist is "paying tribute"...And you can be sure Bow Wiow at least Googled Nancy Sinatra or looked up the history of this song. Unles he ALREADY KNEW who she was.

Oh and sure 'straight guys" listened to Nancy Sinatra ... back in the sixties.


i'm starting to feel more and more sorry for bow wow. he really can't rapp or whatever he is trying to do. not even his tween fans are checking for him now. they have growed up and re listening to lil wayne and young jeezy.


It must be difficult not knowing your place in the world. The brother doesn't know where he fits any more. The music has changed. He's not a cute little kid any more. He's a young man. I'm not sure of his relationship with O, but when they were hanging out, that was the most relaxed and natural I had ever seen him.

I wish this young brother well. If he doesn't figure out who he is this could be tragic.

In my ideal fantasy world, Bow Wow and O could take the money they have left, move to Vermont, get married, and open up a cute little bed and breakfast. And they lived happily ever after...

Roy O

Nicholas...that is a very nice defense of Bow Wow's manhood. he would be very proud to see his fans are sticking up for him...


Bow Wow is LIP SYNCIN to when she SINGS!!!!

That is GAY!


This is all Gay Dupri and Brian Cock working. They are the ones with the songwriting credit.

They all are gay. If any consumer actually believes Janet would be Gay Dupri gf then you are the worse crack.

Birds of feather have sex together.

Baltimore Femme

Nicholas, darlin', if you sample an artists and are lip synching or singing along to them, that is indeed a huge tribute. But keep telling yourself if isn't.

I'm enjoying what Freeleo says. I really enjoyed the old Bow Wow that hung out with Omarion. He was relaxed, had no beefs, they made some hits and seemed to get along. It's too bad they stopped hanging out, probably because of the rumors (which started here lol). But wouldn't it be great if Bow Wow and Omarion hooked up and moved away somewhere?

Christian Lebeija

I have to say this again...What black straight man in 2009 is listening to or remembering Nancy Sinatra?


"These Boots Are Made for Walkin" is one of my favorite songs. Glad to see Miss Jermaine Dupri...if that ain't a "ballroom" name if there every was one...agrees with me.

Rod has a point, tho. Why not go all the way camp and sample Judy Garland or Miss Patti Labelle?

King Drive

Okay, yall are crazy up n here...
I won't say this song is definite proof that Bowmarion is gay, but it is starting to look mighty suspixcious up n there,, up n there lol


Was Miss Jermaine behind this gay *ish?


@christian lebeija

brother, straight dudes listen to the same music we do. they just don't play it at parties or in public. thats the best thing about mp3 players. i know this married straight dude that is a big patti fan but nobody knows it but his wife and a few close friends.

that's one of the messed up things about this hyper-homophobic society we live it. you can't even feel free to listen to different types of music without taking the chance that someone might think you are gay.

Preston B

"straight dudes listen to the same music we do"

Madonna, Beyonce, KD Lang, house music, Solange, Michelle Williams, Mariah ..

And no offense but if YOU know a "married straight dude" and he is a big Patti Labelle fan ...

Danny Rivera

Hmm. I think most music is universal but obviously some music has a stronger gay appeal than others. You make a very good point about the hyper masculinity of today's rap and hip hop forces people to hide their musical tastes (even black gays are attacked for listening to house not hip hop) but certain artists and types of music has a definitive gay sensibility.

That being said, Rod is right, Nancy Sinatra is considered a gay icon and 'These Boots Are Made for Walking' is a a camp classic. But if you want to insist it is not true, there are hundreds of websites that will say the same thing. Do a Google.


This new Bow Wow's track is tired. But so is he.

I'll be glad when he sits down some where and chills out.


i'm not sure what you mean preston but ok. some of us have straight friends who aren't female. you should try it. once straight dudes know you aren't some sex starved sissy that will suck anything that gets erect they don't care what you are into.

M. Mark

Remember Bow Wow?

This really is a cute post, Rod. I would have never recognized the Nancy Sinatra sample. I agree with what others have said is that straights and gays listen to some of the same music, but not all of the same...but there is no denying Nancy Sinatra is a gay icon and this song is a gay anthem. At least for gays of a certain age.

Speaking of that, I am surprised you picked up on this Rod. Actually i am not surprised you would, good catch.

Adrian T

maybe its me but i never heard of this song before. i remember it from austin powers and the fembots, though lol

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