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28 April 2009



Love, love, LOVE Ciara.

oh and you were wrong for that Bow Woow joke lol


Janet Jackson much?
Rihanna much?

Dallas Cowboy

Oh please. Like Janet or Rihanna is innovative. Ciara says that Janet is an influence, that is obvious. But what is an outfit? Madonna, Beyonce, Janet ... they're all fabulous but they're all terribly derivative.

S. Flemming

She's such a bootleg Janet Jackson ... ugh.


rihanna? what in the world does ciara and rihanna have in common. I can see janet. but rihanna???


The thing I think they have in common is that neither of them would be anywhere without their producers! Neither of them have memorable voices! My niece is 11 years old and could sing these 2 broads OFF the stage without breaking a sweat. Ciara can dance though! She may even have Beyonce beat in the department! Rhianna can neither sing nor dance, but she has great beats and producers! Anyway the one thing about Ciara is she knows how to put on a show!


Rihanna couldn't do all that if she tried. And I love Janet to death but when I see Ciara I see Janet's influence in a totally independant artist. Their styles of music and dance are quite different. Ciara is doin the damn thanggg


I'm not here for the comparisons. But, yesss Ci did rock it. Rihanna? thou, no. Yall need to get off the lame swagga jackin shit. Ciara is Ciara, she's said Janet is one of her influences, do no stuff, she'd have a lil of her swagg. Rihanna, has no swag, that's all her team, remember she was a hot mess before a GGGB, so let's not start. And Rih can neither dance, nor sing, she can only make catchy, hit songs. Ciara's proved she can sing time, and time again. People just sleep on her, because her voice is not that strong as other R&B chicks, so they sleep on her. Huger voice is not always better, sometimes less is more, and Ci proved she can sing in her CiaraTV "Like A Surgeon" A cappella, so we know she's an all our performer. Other than that, thanks for the post.

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