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23 April 2009



Even though I personally don't care for her pic-a-ninny style GOP politics I would not go along with her prosecution by Holder.

The Washington Blade ran a story on how Condoleeza WAS asked by the McCain campaign to run as his vice-president and it was McCain's campaign that retracted it after allegations that she and another woman purchased a home together to live in out in Calif after leaving office proved true.

She tried to hide it but this is presidential politics and they found out. It WAS another woman she DID buy the home with.

Girl (Condoleeza) also has had a few flings with women in hotels while she was in office. One was with a running buddy of Martina Navratalova.

I 'kinda' felt sorry for her because I knew what she was going through but at the same time when you ask to play with the big boys you, not them, can come out to be the overall loser. Her political career is over for the most part and I think it cruel to single her out for prosecution.


not very surprising condoleezza rice lied under oath. is really very sad if anything.

i'm also not interested in seeing her proscuted but would like some of the cia torturers ordered to stop, i also want to see a truth commission.


This whole post is funny. I didn't know what 'waterboarding' was till now. I also didn't know Leeza was or is Gay hehe that explains a lot.


If she is one of those who authorized the torture, I say prosecute her and all those involved.

As for her being 'family' I though everybody and his mother knew this since it has been talked about for years now, but, then again, maybe thought she was telling the truth when she uttered GW Bush was the most intelligent man she has ever met and she just adored him, ick, on so man levels.


This whole situation makes me wonder if this is why Colin Powell jumped ship...


I can't stand Condi. HOWEVER, it should be all or nothing; either EVERYONE involved is prosecuted, or NO ONE is. No "cherry picking." But it looks like she is about to get set up as the scapegoat.


Poor Candi, talk about being set up! Damn, she thought she was a powerful black woman...but sweetie..see how Powell jumped ship!

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