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15 April 2009




Oh dear, he we go again. Moving from Omariona nd toward Corbin Bleu ... lol


something tells me we will be waiting for the answer a very very long time

Alden Murphy

Did anyone ever think that maybe Corbin Bleu won't say his type ... and bear with me here ... and Omarion also doesn't say his type is because they don't want to turn off any girls? I mean there base is female, so if they get too specific the girls who don't fit that profile will get turned off and stop buying their records?

just a thought


@ Alden Murphy

That can be for Corbin Bleu. for 1 he doesn't sell any records lol. The only thing he got going on good is HSM. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are bigger.

I don't think he's gay though. why do Black gay men always think a nice respectable Black man is gay?


Alden, I've thought about that.

Umm, no.


He's not going to describe her because once he says, "i like a nice blonde hair, blue eyed, swede..." yall gonna lose your minds...lol


gurl, you ghey! NEXT lol! We still love you, Corbin..even though we KNOW you aren't checking for girls, ALL ROOIIIGGHHHTTT?!?!?!?! HOW YOU DOIN?!


@ Mike

And why do Black straight women always think a nice respectable Black man is straight? Why do people comment on a gay blog and ask why people on here assume or speculate someone is gay? We are all just talking. That's what a blog is for.


@ Mike' I agree". But if he is gay the guy who gets him will be a lucky one cause he seems like such a sweetheart"

Lang B.

He is Beautiful!

I mean there base is female, so if they get too specific the girls who don't fit that profile will get turned off and stop buying their records?

By that logic, for maximum appeal, he should have claimed that he's bi -- thereby not alienating gay guys nor straight girls.

why do Black gay men always think a nice respectable Black man is gay?

We all project our own desires and/or qualities onto those who we suspect might be gay -- so, by expressing our suspicions, simply points out that there are features in him that we desire, that we identify with or that we see ourselves in.

That's why I scratch my head everytime I heard these celebrities trying so hard to put out any gay rumors.


Ravenback (as usual) is right. Why do we assume Corbin Bleu is straight? that is because society conditions is to believe everyone is ... unless they are flaming and lisping.

And lighten up, it's a gay blog ((and one of the better ones) ... we talk about religion, politics, news, hot men and make daily jokes about who could be gay.

And let me also agree with 'Lukas'. Many white actors and musicians, especially the younger ones or Euros, deliberately flirt with bisexuality or being coy on sex even if they are straight. Black male models may do this but few actors and singers do. Jensen Atwood did this maximize his gay male and str8 female fanbase.


I always thought Corbin was such a cutie. Now that he's legal I don't feel like such a perv. He does seem like a sweetheart. I have no idea if he is gay or not but more power to him no matter what his orientation is. If he does play for our team, all the more better.


i didn't like his singing but i would take him out to eat, i think he old enough 2 drink now.


I'm just wondering, are there any ordinary or not so young and cute celebrities you all suspect as gay?


Dluv, that was a joke right? 'Cuz you and me have been commenting on this blog for a few years now.



Busta Rhymes -- not so young and sure in the hell not cute.

Method Man and Redman -- the unofficial official couple.

Eddie Murphy, Johnny Gill, Arsenio Hall, Freddie Jackson, Keith Sweat -- the usual suspects.

A rapper somewhat big during the late 90s, that shall remain nameless, who I know for a fact is gay.

A former NBA basketball player that shall remain nameless who I know for a fact is gay.

Those are just a few to your question.

Ten in My Timbz

Q-Tip. And I know this for a fact.

Method Man and Redman

Tommy Ford

TC Carson ..

We could go on and on, okay? But this was just a light lil story about Corbin Bleu trying to be coy.


@ Mike,
Honey, this is a gay blog, our "sensors" are 100% or your money back!! Corbin is indeed searching for that "Special Someone"!

LOL. Love your comment and totally agree with you, but please do NOT use "anonymous" as a screen name on this blog. Find a screen name and stick with it. Thanks. -RM


Well, I see both sides. I just think it is nice to see an accomplished young black man, regardless of orientation doing him.

I feel bad for some celebrities because the media tends to sensationalize certain aspects of their lives.

If he is gay, maybe he can come out, be comfortable and do him. If not, hopefully he'll be gay friendly.-QH


i don't understand our obsession and desperation in suggesting these young guys are gay. Leave them alone! Bow Wow, Omarion, Cordon Bleu are young, good-looking and close to being rich. The world is really their oyster. Give them sometime to figure out whether they like girls or boys or both. As long as they are not gay bashers, I think we should give them some space in the blogosphere. They are just so young and I think we are just so harsh and accusatory.


Really, Corbin Bleu is not looking for anyone right now, too busy with his career.

He won't say his type of dream girl cause he doesn't has a pacifect type, he can say, he won't say cause he will probably hurt his fans. And plus he is very busy with his job and to me I'll think hes trying to look now and then, but he is really not a look outer.

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