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02 April 2009



Umm, yea. That one.
I'm impressed.

S. Flemming

Lord have mercy ... I can't get enough of this show ... lol. I watch if faithfully. Aside from the obvious perks, it's actually a very interesting show. I thought the episode about the wrestling in the sawdust (I think it was called "swinging") was interesting.


This really really is a HOT show.
I can watch Dhani and that sexy hairy chest all day and night, but the man is talented...very natural with people and naturally very curious about sports and culture.
The Thai boxing episode was very very hot.


Dhani is hot.
He reminds me of that guy in college who was heavily into females (usually white) but he was still cool with the gays.
I watched the show; it seemed a little aimless, but, man, that dude loves to take his shirt off.
It's refreshing to see a young brother who's intelligent and devoid of hip hop posturing and retardation.

S. Flemming

ROTFL @ "hip hop posturing and retardation" ... that is hilarious! But so true ...


Dhani is definitely a hunk of man. I like the easy going personality that he displays. He's willing to push the envelope further than what most males athletes are willing to do. I would take in all of his measurements anytime he wanted me to.


Im in lust...swoon


I have to start recording that show.


What a man, what a man. Two all beef patties and special sauce for me please!

Dhani Jones is sexy and so confident and you can tell he is gay friendly, he was even dancing with that gay brotha in the club! How black American athletes would do that?


Dhani for me is the epitome, I say the epitome! of sexy.
I love a tall, big, thick chocolte man and with some hair on his chest! It seems brothers sometimes are afraid to let their hair grow, I love it.

And I saw part of this episode and yes he was very gay friendly with that brother at the club lol

Derrick from Philly

On Youtube there is a very amusing moment between Dhani and Patti Labelle at one of those concerts (LiveAid 2005) she gave on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway here in Philly. Dhani really got the spirit that night...or it got him.

I'm not good at Internet addresses, but key in "Patti Labelle + Dhani Jones" on Youtube.


how is all that man going to fit into those tiny suits? that's a lot of brother.


I've watched the shows, and have enjoyed it on many levels. This is a rennaissance man (as I'm sure his publicist will say) that gets completely out of his comfort zones and plays the worlds sports. It's a great show from the travel, culture, and fashion angles. The last time I enjoyed so much culture and hot looking men was when I competed in the gay games in 2006. We should all be so lucky to travel and play like "Mr. Jones" does.


We stop everything to watch this show every week! As rugby fans, we especially enjoyed last week's show (although wish he'd gone to New Zealand or Australia and played alongside the Samoans on their teams!). Great to see Boateng too. And I THOUGHT I caught a glimpse of Dhani dancing with a guy in that club, but wasn't sure.... Where can I get a straight friend like him?:)


We definitely need more men like Dhani in our world. Can't wait to watch the new episode, I've been "googling" and ogling him ever since I saw the first episode.


Dhani is just plain gorgeous. He is also a tease. I don't care how he gets down. He is phyne as hell. Love that hairy chest. Smooth is okay but hairy to me is sexier.

I am real curious as to what he will be doing after football..broadcasting, acting??


Aaah Dhani mon cheri, je t'adore!!



"hip hop posturing and retardation".

You know, maybe only in America would men posture (that is, be proud) because they are stupid or ignorant. Pride in stupidity and ignorance is truly a national tradition in America, maintained by the power-that-be to keep popular threats at bay. It has worked marvelously so far — for them.

And Dhani Jones is like a daydream of another place and time.


I think he is one of the finest men on the planet. Thanks for making my day....

Derrick from Philly

"Pride in stupidity and ignorance is truly a national tradition in America...."

You're so right, Jim....only problem is that this violent American macho sickness is rubbing off on other insecure men on this planet. Namely, those in the "Motherland" or is it "Fatherland"...might as well be "Fatherland" now.


Yes, Derrick. That is so true.

I guess this shortcut to self-esteem is very appealing, especially when all other options have been sealed off by poverty and corruption.

There's another factor, too. The oppressed always imitate the oppressor, and when the oppressor is nothing but an ignorant thug, then the oppressed will realize that ignorant thuggery is the path to advancement.

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