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15 April 2009


Nathan James

These terrorist organizations forget too quickly that President Obama wouldn't be in the White House if millions of their white neighbors didn't vote for him. But this story is nothing new--right-wing extremist groups always gain in times of economic upheaval and uncertainty. The inherited economy that President Obama must now deal with is the result of right-wing policies that rewarded the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. Now that the chickens are home to roost, the right finds a convenient target in the White House.

Obama is unlike any other US President, and because he is "different" it's easy for hate groups to single him out for attack. The fact that Obama has been largely successful during his first hundred days in office is immaterial to these disturbed individuals and groups. In recognition of this, the Secret Service got serious about Obama's security--I had a glimpse of that while at the Hofstra debate between Obama and McCain. Yet, even as there was super-tight security (they even opened up our cameras and remotes), we still were able to see and cover the story. Obama was sharp, personable, and very willing to stay behind after the debate was over to speak to those present. By contrast, McCain left five minutes after the debate ended. This is a BIG reason why Obama won, and it's also a big reason why hate-groups are targeting him. Can't have a bright, energetic, people-friendly man of color in the White House, oh no!

You can bet that as Obama moves forward with his Progressive administration, the right wing-nuts will be out in force. Vigilance against them is of paramount importance.


You're right, Nathan.

There is no way Obama would have won the presidency without not simply "white votes" but "redneck" votes.

He won Indiana. He won Pennsylvania. He won Virginia. he won Florida. He won North Carolina. There were plenty of rednecks that voted for Obama


Not only do I agree with both Nathan and Kevin but I find it interesting how NONE of the "defenders" of america mention who the alternative to Obama was/would have been nor hurl any accusations about voter fraud (as in both the '00 and '04 election(s) of Bush.

If you think this is bad you should have been around during the Carter years. That was when the Turner Diaries (the 'bible' of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVie) came to life.


The hate towards this man is getting scarier by the day, and, most of it egged on by the right wing radio and Fox "news" is to blame for this with the out and out lies they are spreading and the dimwits who believe it all to be true. I was talking to a friend today and said, had McCain won and put in the exact same stimulus package, you would not hear the same hate.


Why are there only ever right wing extremists? Where are the left wing extremists? Oh wait, isn't that anyone who supports gay rights?...


"The hate towards this man is getting scarier by the day"


Not surprised though.

And for those who mention that of course 'rednecks' voted for him, so therefore it should mean a slight bit of difference to a clinically insane sociopath who live to preach hate...


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