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29 April 2009


Aaron Parker

>>>How many more Jaheems and Carls have to be bullied to death until we learn this wrong?

Many, many more. Our community will never learn its lesson on this horrible fetishization of thugs and hypermasculinity.

King Drive

such a tragic story,, this young boy did not have to feel like he had nowhere to turmn


"...Talked funny...." I received that insult so many times as a young boy. It brings back so many bad memories.

This photograph is horribly sad. The little mourner can hardly see over the casket. Tragic.

S. Flemming

That photo is beyond heartbreaking ...


I feel for the mom, her only son my heart goes out to her.

alicia banks

thank you rod.

this is healing for me...

i will be cremated
and i will have a list of enemies who can never enter my ceremony

i do not want people who abused me to feign grief when i am gone...

so i am so happy this baby was laid to rest far away from the little heathens that slew his spirit...

none of them could attend and feign sadness as they hogged free food so their gaybashing parents would not have to cook that day etc...


Nathan James

@ alicia banks: OMG, I though I was the only one with a list of people who are not permitted to enter my memorial service! You are 100% right on. There will doubtless be people who show up after I die, pretending to cry and act bereaved, all the while looking to see if there is anything in my estate for them.

My heart bleeds for little Carl and Jaheem, who were driven into their graves not by the other children who bullied them, but by the adults in their lives who saw it and did nothing to stop it. You can bet there are more Carls and Jaheems out there tonight, contemplating following these beautiful but tortured young souls into death...

Honut SInti

This just breaks my heart.

Restful Peace.

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