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27 April 2009



Glad to see this is still in the spotlight as its a genocide that needs to stay in the news although of late it has not been, and, I hope that the pressure will now be put on all those Arab countries that let these killers in and out of for 'meetings' and protect them from justice.

And, Mia Farrow is on a hunger strike to get this ongoing slaughter of humans back into the spotlight.

Just love John Lewis, getting up in age, but, still has the fight for justice in him :). And props to Keith Ellison and Lynn Woolsey as well.

Randy Nichols

And now watch the Republicans brand them as criminals and demand their ouster.


Were any Republicans there, or issuing statements condemning Sudan's actions?

Probably not, since their constituents might object.


Good for them for standing up for the Darfur policies. And who cares if the GOP starts spewing the koolaid spin on these lawmakers' arrest. The Party of No is a party that stands for nothing and does nothing.


Bravo to them all!


John Lewis is a courageous man. He has stood up against injustice his entire life. If he say we need to take notice then dammit we need to take notice to what happening in Darfur and Sudan.


his is precisely what we need MORE of.

MORE courage from Democrats and progressives. And, yes, unfortunately, in this day and age, these five getting arrested will mean more change than if there were a protest of a hundred thousand people.

The protesters--those hungry for change--ME, and millions like me--have protested ENOUGH. We sent Democrats and Obama to D.C. to make change, not small talk. We are waiting to be led. That is the state of the nation.

And if Obama and the Democrats don't make any real changes--Iraq policy, torture, investigate Bush, tax overhaul--it's their own damned faults. At this point in FDR's administration, the entire banking industry had been COMPLETELY OVERHAULED, despite the pathetic opposition of the Republicans at that time.

Why hasn't that happened yet?


This is a worthy cause to protest and be arrested for, but we need more Democrats and bIg names willing to do this.

Leadership, baby. It's what's needed, and desperately, if we will ever get that change we were promised.

M. Mark

The picture you posted of one of the greatest living American heroes (John Lewis) cuffed & being led into a paddy wagon for standing up for the victims of genocide is heartbreaking. Thank you for posting this.


Randy Nichols says: "And now watch the Republicans brand them as criminals and demand their ouster.

Actually, my experience with the sociopaths AKA Republicans and evangelicals is that they, too, are "concerned" about Darfur. Ultimately, though, this concern exists only because Israel hates the Islamist government in Sudan, and the genocide in Darfur can be used as a tool to turn world public opinion against it (in this case, justifiably).

If it weren't for that political angle, though, the Republicans and evangelicals would have about as much concern for the lives of the poor people of Darfur as they do for the lives of you and me.


One republican, well, not an elected one has been speaking out for a few years on Darfur and the genocide, Pat Robertson, while a bigot on sexuality, this is one issue where he has stood up and called for action.

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