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01 April 2009



I guess I'll bite on this story. As the Attorney General, Holder had no choice but to dismiss the indictment against Stevens. No Attorney General, especially the top law enforcement officer in the nation, should condone his prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense. No exceptions ever. During the last 8 years, the AG office has been rife with incompetence and political partisanship. Prosecutors were fired because they wouldn't try cases based on political witch hunts, and prosecutors were hired based solely on political attitudes (especially right-wing attitudes). I hope this signals the beginning of the AG following the rule of law. And I think the real outcry should be that other cases of prosecutorial misconduct are not coming to light. Now, I would love for them to investigate the Bush administration and possibly try them for war crimes and other violations of the law.

Andy Niable

Much as I loathe Screamin' Stevens, I honor the rule of law; if this case is tainted, it should be dismissed. I trust the AG's judgment. This, ironically, is change I can believe in: fairness at the Justice Department.

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