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07 April 2009



maybe if he didn't keep talking about the gay rumors and his manhood he could have time for his woman. i'm just saying ...


This was NOT a RELATIONSHIP. They were fronting. I doubt they rarely had sex.


What a joke....I mean really.


lololol .... Kanye is a media ho...that is his talent as well as being kinda sexy to me


Is there a particular reason why "girlfriend" is in quotations?


Well surprise, surprise, surprise!!! I'm totally devastated by this news. I thought they were going to get married and have lots and lots of children. Who would have thunk it?


--->"Is there a particular reason why "girlfriend" is in quotations?

Because we all knew it was a joke.


Memo to Kanye: Next time you're going to beard, stop talking about gays and gay rumors. That's the point of having a beard!!!

Derrick from Philly

I still love Kanye (not Rap music though). He's a sensitive artist. That wild porno gal might have been a little too butch for him.

Well, Kanye, it's back to the "down low" thug "bottoms"...but be careful about "waking them up in the middle of the night" for sex. Remember, back in the gay world, it takes prep time to get ready for certain types of sex.

Baltimore Femme

Derrick ... now I know YOU of all people would know Kanye's juicy butt wasn't resting with Miss Amber. She undoubtedly was using a strap on for him which is why she resented having to go thru all the effort to put it on first thing in the morning.

Unless you think there is another reason Kanye dated this mannish looking bald headed bisexual porn star?

Derrick from Philly

Oh, you're right, Baltimore. Maybe I got him confused with Omarion. All these young plump MACHO Rapper bottoms. Of course, I'm envious...better get back to doing my bun-building exercises--but not for no butch gal with a strap-on. If I can't get the real thing, I can handle my own toys, chile.


I'm sorry but I don't see fake. The couple looks like they are in love right there. I think some of you just want Kanye to be gay. Sorry but he has a girlfriend sounds straight to me.


"I'm sorry but I don't see fake"

Oh puhleeez. They are both performers smiling and posing for cameras. And she has been paid to "perform" in porn movies. Their whole lives are fake. And I'm sorry but if Kanye is straight, why does he obsess over gays so much?


Well G, obviously you don't know much about the gay world, because if you had, then you wouldn't have made that comment. No gay or bisexual man has ever had a girlfriend. Yeah, right.


I told ya... he goes back and forth. One moment he's involved next he isn't.

What's going to happen by Friday or early next week is that this story is false.

Derrick from Philly


we're just having fun with these discussions on Kanye and Omarion...and that little tiny one...what's his name? Bow Wow. We really couldn't care less what these HipHop stars do in private, so long as they don't bash gay people in public.

They can be whatever the hell they want to be--just don't pee on teenage girls' heads like that damn R. Kelly.


"G" obviously works for Kanye.

Don't deposit that check in yo account buddy. You better go to [moving finger in air] "Check Into Cash"!!!


Face and Waist

@ G:

These are celebrities smiling for the camera. What can you learn from that? They do this hundreds of times a week.

I am very surprised when gay men doubt Kanye's bisexuality and closet homosexuality. He screams it during every interview imo.


I never saw Amber before. She's cute. I like that look. The mix of butch and femme.

That said, Kanye should have never broken up with his other girlfriend of years. She wanted marriage, and he didn't, so of course it had no other course than to dissolve. He will have a visual string of others, then lay low for a while. However, he was not ever in love with Amber.

Christian Lebeija

Mark my words ... Kanye is dumping Amber for a more butcher number. A little more bald and muscle, a little less blonde.

Oh and "G", do you get paid by the post? 'Cuz you are trying to defend Miss Yeezy's "manhood" something fierce.


Please, let's not start that manhood thing again. That's enough to make my head start hurting.



you sound like a guliable Kanye consumer who actually believes he likes women. Get real... this negro was never truly engaged to no one. That is fake.

Let me explain what Kanye is doing...

Kanye honestly wants to stay real to himself. That's why he explain his childhood mannerism while growing up but because he knows being gay in USA, home of over religious hypocrites, he doesn't want to fvck up his bank account. So, Ms. Butch Amber and the other tired female model before her are nothing but a cover. He doesn't want to get married, at least not to a woman. He rather appear as a casanova, so-called typical male jumping from one "bush" to another than gay, homosexual or a man.

But I do understand that, it is a thin line from being rich and poor in this business. You gotta get yo coins why you're still hot so you can retire like Rosie O'donnel to a 365 day cruise ship.


In my best Ralph Cramden voice:

"Oh, what a surprise!!"

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