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08 April 2009


alicia banks

his posse of PR leeches is slipping!

there is so much more he should be doing:

getting formal counseling

filming dating/domestic violence psa's

visiting battered womens' shelters

apologizing publicly


he is evoking far more disgust and anger than pity...



It was reported that Chris went to some anger management classes, but I doubt he's been going ALL this time (he needs to be). I personally don't expect much from either of them right now seeing that the case is ongoing. Also, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges so it wouldn't make any sense for him to be doing PSA's about something he's claiming to not be guilty of (SMH + rolling my eyes). We will see what happens when this is ALL over, but I actually think they BOTH need to do ALL the things Alicia mentioned. Rihanna is losing a bit of support herself and people are starting to see her less as a victim and more as a participant in what happened. Some people feel all her jet setting is not a good look, but who knows whats going thru either of their minds. God Bless and Heal them both.....

Chris Cruz

I agree. I think both Chris and Rihanna obviously have major issues that need to be resolved. But as much as I despise Chris actions, Isis is correct...he has plead "not guilty" and the criminal process must be allowed to happen. So it would be stupid for him to admit guilt (although he already has apologized of sorts) or try to make up for what happened.

But his jet skiing is just as dumb and so is her jet setting. I really think these are two young celebrities who lead superficial lives and this incident demonstrated how much they surround themselves with "yes" people.


So Rhianna is coming out with a perfume? What's she calling it,
CK MA (Chris Kicked My Ass)?

alicia banks

he already admitted guilt in his bogus statement after the incident...

and on text msgs to others...



soulbrotha, i was thinking the fragrance should be called, "battered"-if your man says wear this you'd better. ok that's in bad taste but it's the first thing that came to mind...

they should have shelved this deal for a little longer; at least until she's healed up good.


While I'm in no way suggesting to lessen the severity of what Chris Brown has done, it seems tragic that most have joined together to condemn him, rather than to help him mend his ways, especially for a young man with such talents.

It seems, we have become a society of judges demanding punishment, rather than rehabilitation, especially those of blacks and Hispanics. The trend is apparent in our prison population.

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