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13 April 2009


alicia banks

like marx said
religion is the opiate of the masses

and the masses of black folks are gaybashing morons globally



I'm taking leave of this discussion. People here know my views quite clearly. SMFH.


Wasn't Sarah Palin's witch doctor Nigerian?

Thank you Rod. we need to stay on top of this.


The word I'm thinking of begins with "m" and rhymes with "donkies."

Chris: There will be no jokes or references to black people or Africans as monkeys on this blog. -RM


I know the Bible has been misinterpreted to blame Sodom and Gomorrah on homosexuality, but now they're sayin' gay folks caused Noah's flood too...damn!

Must be nice to just make sh*t up to serve your religious purposes.


This is a major issue to watch. These churches combine pentecostal teachings with many traditional African religious practices, and they are spreading fast in the continent (displacing mainline Christian groups) and basically behave, at their most extreme, as Sharia in Christian garments.


This is really frightening...-QH

Chris Cruz

I'm really glad you pointed this out. The African Protestant denominations are hardcore evangelical, very fundamentalist and very anti-gay. The Protestant churches (Anglican, Episcopal, etc) are looking to them to fight the growing acceptance of gays in mainline Protestant denominations.




Sometimes I'm just so disgusted and appalled at humanity that I don't even know how to express it. And religion is usually the cause.

(P.S. Chris, 'monkeys' and 'donkeys' don't technically even rhyme anyway.)


Ignorance easily spreads when it's fueled by hate.


“Ignorance easily spreads when it's fueled by hate."

That’s an interesting idea, ATLboi. I don’t see how ignorance can actually spread like knowledge can. People don’t acquire ignorance.

Unless, of course, this is willful ignorance you’re talking about, also known as denial.

I suspect that many humans were never really capable of handling the truth. It was just not quite so obvious before as it is today, because knowledge is now so readily available compared to times past. People now, especially in rich countries, really have to will their ignorance.

A large number of humans would rather just crawl back inside a womb, and hate whatever and whoever is outside their mother’s belly.

Meanwhile, men like Akinola, Jakes, Hinn, Robertson, Falwell, and others too numerous to list, get very, very rich off of this need to regress into fetushood.


After Jamaicans I put africans in the number two spot under the worlds most frustrated/confused people.

Not even haitians aren't as lost, frustrated and self hating as jamaicans and africans.

I have said over and over to my fellow black americans as a whole africans do not socialize with their black american counterparts. They tend to see us as stupid and lazy while going out of their way to show Mr. White Man they are different.

This "church" is nigerian based which was the key point for me not to take them serious. These are the same nigerians who for centuries practiced voodoo until Mr. White Man showed up and convinced them they were going in the wrong direction. Left to themselves you can see they obviously still are.

For you doubters out there this is Nigeria we are talking about. The same OPEC member that IMPORTS gasoline so that it's rulers can sell to the populace to make money for no one else but themselves. What does that tell you about their credibility or anything else that comes out of nigeria? They are also the scam capital of the world and here is another example being preached. It only works on those who are stupid enough to stop and listen.


They have the right to believe what they want to believe. I am seeing a bit of African, and African American bashing in the comments, by other African and African American people.

We cant let the media turn us against each other, just because they only want to focus on us, as opposed to ALL PEOPLE. Fred Phelps anybody???


okay, RM. I was speaking out of ignorance and anger. Will not happen again.

No problem at all. I understand, we are all angry. Moving forward ... -RM

Honut SInti

Please! These groups travel the the easy route of hate and intolerance and try to steer the masses down that road as well.

Let them really move toward emphathy, compassion and equal rights for all. Oh, but that path would be too rocky and hard to navigate! Cowards and misguided fools, the lot of them!

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